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Softline and customers together in the spotlights

Sharing our knowledge with the market is the key element of all activities we do. Naturally, events are one of the ways to share our expertise. Over the last decade we have set up and participated in well over 200 events!

Roundtables, forum’s, webcasts, (online) breakfast sessions, Flexera User Groups, Hosting days, #DareToAsk sessions, workshops, Inner Circles, Seminars in a Box, Roadshows, grill events, wine tasting events, all set up by Softline to inspire attendees to take a next step on their path towards a higher maturity. But, Softline over the years has also been a loyal knowledge partner for market specific events, such as: Heliview IT & SAM conference (10 years in a row), We.Conect’s SAMS Europe and SAMS DACH (both 5 years in a row), The ITAM Review (Wisdom) conference (5 years in a row), and countless events set up by other valued partners where we joined in to present.

During at least 75% of the events, Softline’s customers took the stage as well. Sharing their gained knowledge and challenges they faced on their path towards high SAM & ITAM maturity. These true peer to peer conversations, and hearing about their thoughts and getting inspired by their views on their future goals, have always been perceived as very valuable. As trusted advisor, there is nothing better than hearing customers speak with the audience about their long-term goals and short-term achieved milestones. Something the Softline team has always been very proud of, seeing a customer on stage, regardless if it is a 200 plus registrants event or “only” 10 attendees.

This post is a tribute to all of them, thank you!

Softline & Customers together in the spotlights