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Successful go-live with ServiceNow for ASML

In 2019, almost a year ago, we celebrated a successful go-live of SAM Pro for our customer ASML. And of course, there was a special cake to make it extra festive. The license management team at ASML already have been able to take important steps on their journey, a story they shared during ServiceNow “Now at work 2019” with the broad audience.

In the year since, we have seen many more successes with ServiceNow. More customers are reaping the benefits of SAM with SAM Pro, and we joined forces on several events and the creation of, for example, eBooks.

Since the beginning of the year, we have been awarded with ServiceNow's "Specialist Partner" status, also called the “Specialist Partner” badge, which means ServiceNow recognises Softline’s delivered services, approach and expert team. As one of the few specialised Software Asset Management partners globally, we can help you get the most value out of your SAM Professional module.

ASML with ServiceNow SAM Pro

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