The ITAM Forum is a new, global, trade body for the advancement of the IT Asset Management industry. It is a not-for-profit membership organisation, led by ITAM professionals for ITAM professionals.

The ITAM Forum has two primary objectives: 
1. To elevate the position of ITAM by sharing knowledge and best practices that focus on business value and aid to grow the profession.

2. To create - and be a caretaker of - the new ISO 19770 standard certification program so organisations can demonstrate the quality of their ITAM practices.

Softline & ITAM Forum

Softline is a patron of the ITAM Forum. We share the mission to promote and grow the business practice of IT asset management. 

It was always part of our vision to educate the market on the importance of properly managing IT assets, and so Softline has been a "patron" of The ITAM Forum since 2020. In addition to financial support, we also offer support from our expertise by leading the certification process. Dennis Montanje (Managing Director Softline Group Northern Europe), explains why this is of great importance: "In my more than twenty year career in the IT Asset & Software Management domain, evangelism and education have always been key. The end users of software, the licensees, had to understand over the years the importance of managing their software assets properly. Software Asset Management technology publishers have made their tooling more business oriented rather than technology oriented. With all the new Cloud developments, IT Asset Management is more alive than ever, but the need for evangelism and education remains. A vision that fits seamlessly with the vision of The ITAM Forum."

Read more on why Softline is an ITAM Forum Patron here. 

Certification Work Stream

The ITAM Forum has four work streams that are run by dedicated member volunteers, who create, shape and deliver initiatives to help grow and develop the global ITAM community. Dennis Montanje is leading the Certification Work Stream (in his own name). This work stream aims to build a globally recognised framework for assessing against the ISO 19770 standard.