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Movement On The Ground

We believe it is important to not only help our customers from an IT Asset Management perspective, but to do more. This "doing more" translates into supporting charities, both locally and internationally. Such as “Movement on the Ground”.

Movement on the Ground aims to transform refugee camps into dignified, healing, enabling and safe environments with and for people on the move and their host community. A part of its efforts is the Movement Academy, helping to build skills that people need for the future and increase the prospects for employment further along their journey.

Softline has donated 28 used laptops for the Digital Learning Lab (DLL)/ Skillsbuild project in Mytilini (the capitol of the island of Lesvos – Greece). A large number of residents of the nearby refugee camp can leave the camp 2 or 3 times a week for educational activities in the DLL.

Rick Reesen, Coordinator SkillsBuild platform @ Movement on the Ground: “Here you see a few of our DLL-teachers (inhabitants of the camp themselves) preparing the laptops for the lessons. Thanks to the support that Softline provided with the donation of the 28 used laptops”.