For the last 10 years, Softline and Flexera have worked very closely together to help organisations achieve Compliance, Control and Cost savings for their IT. In this decade, we have proven to be more than a trusted implementation partner, we even are a year-over-year award winning one. In 2022, Softline Group was honored with the Flexera EMEA Partner Award for the eighth time!

Over the years Softline and Flexera have been very active together, organising many online and offline events on a yearly basis.

Flexera about Softline

Long-standing partnership

A sum up of our partnership is in the news item about receiving top honours from Flexera, for exceptional work in providing high-quality solutions and services that drive success, business value and a strong return on investment for customers.

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"Flexera delivers IT management solutions that enable enterprises to accelerate the return on their technology investments. We help organizations inform their IT with total visibility into complex hybrid ecosystems, so they can transform their IT by rightsizing across all platforms, reallocating spend, reducing risk and charting the most effective path to the cloud.

Our technology value optimization solutions are delivered by 1,300+ team members helping more than 50,000 customers achieve their business outcomes. To learn more, visit"

Martin Schaletzky, CEO Softline Group

"Being honoured with this award underlines once again our position as European SAM and ITAM market leader. For ten years we have been helping SAM customers in more than 1.000 projects to achieve Compliance, Control and Cost savings for their IT. Having market leading technology partners like Flexera at our side is an important key within our holistic approach of SAM, which is based on a long-term strategy including the implementation of processes and technologies. Innovative technologies will also play a big role in our newly developed Softline SAM and ITAM services such as 'cloud spend optimisation' and 'software monetisation' in the years to come."

Kevin Smith, Director of EMEA Alliances at Flexera, on Softline winning the Flexera EMEA Partner Award in 2020

"This is a resounding recognition of the strong foundation and ever growing relationship in the region. As well as the deep consulting expertise and dedication Softline has consistently displayed through the years. We value this strategic partnership and look forward to further joint success in the coming years."

Application Portfolio Management

Many organisations are looking into ways to reduce cost. Depending on who you ask within an organisation, different saving potentials will be mentioned. With the annual increase cost for software (licenses), this is one of the first areas for potential savings to come up. According to Gartner, standardisation and rationalisation of software can achieve up to 5% savings on the entire software spend. In one of our expert "Tip of the Week", you can read how Flexera Data Platform can help organisations kickstart Application Portfolio Management.

Flexera Data Platform:

  • Enables collaboration:
    • stakeholders keep using the tooling they know
    • existing processes remain in place
  • Adds value by:
    • normalisation
    • enrichment
    • one "source of truth"

Do you want to see the potential of APM using your own data in Flexera Data Platform? You can request a Proof of Concept offer here.

Flexera Data Platform

Organisations face challenges on a day to day basis around the enormous amount of IT data. However, it is becoming increasingly important that data on IT assets is complete and correct so that it contributes positively to business results. The Flexera Data Platform can help! It delivers actual, relevant and trustworthy data about IT assets – at any time, at any moment. Incorrect data results in incorrect business decisions. So, organisations need to efficiently and effectively manage their IT assets. That calls for the best, most up-to-date information available. With DataPlatform, organisations gain insight into their IT data environment, offering them the possibility to optimise the data and enabling them to make their IT environment future-proof.

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Flexera IT Visibility

Solid business decisions need data that’s consistent, complete, accurate and current. Also, you cannot effectively manage what you cannot see. But, the IT landscape is intricate and constantly changing, with many services and applications from many different providers and publishers.  

Therefore, to be able to keep it all under control, an organisation needs a clear, comprehensive and up-to-date visibility of their IT assets – from on-premise to cloud. Next to data on IT assets, an organisation also needs to have visibility into their IT infrastructure and interdependence of IT assets. And, with that, how assets support an organisation’s business services.  

Flexera’s IT visibility is an analysis tool that offers organisations comprehensive visibility into their IT environment to help them:

  • Optimise their spend
  • Optimise their license position & ensure compliance
  • Maintain governance
  • Ensure IT security

In short, IT Visibility enables an organisation to get insight in assets across their entire tech landscape, to collect the right data and keep it up-to-date, curated and enhanced.  Learn more about IT Visibility from Flexera and download the eBook "IT Asset visibility: How asset discovery can help you with your strategic ITAM plan". To get started with Flexera’s IT Visibility, Softline offers organisations a Proof of Concept (POC). Contact the Softline team to learn more.

Flexera SaaS Manager

An average of 89% of former employees still have access to (one of) a company’s accounts like Box, SalesForce, Google Apps or other. And Gartner expects the SaaS market to account for 45% of total application software spending by 2021. So, there will probably be even more access to more SaaS applications.

While the use of SaaS applications helps companies be more productive, SaaS use presents significant challenges, particularly for IT, Procurement and Finance. Adding to this the Gartner’s 2015 prediction of a savings potential of up to 30% through better SaaS Management makes it even more obvious organisations should pay a lot more attention to managing their SaaS than they have been doing so far.

Flexera SaaS Manager discovers and optimises SaaS applications by analysing Expense Management data, integrating with the API's of SaaS applications and the organisations’ Single Sign On (SSO) application.

Want to learn more?

In addition to implementing Flexera solutions, Softline organises joint events with Flexera. Watch the on-demand versions of webinars or download our eBooks.


» From ITAM to Cloud Cost optimisation and everything in between « 

The digital transformation journey more often than not leads to the Cloud. This eBook starts the journey at ITAM and ends at Cloud Cost Optimization (FinOps). Along the way, it also stops over at Application Modernization and cloud resource management. 

Date: December 2022

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Webinar on-demand

» Softline & Flexera Webinar on FinOps & Cloud Cost Optimisation« 

Your Digital Transformation will probably lead you to the Cloud. But before you get there, there are some questions to address! Here is where Flexera One Cloud Cost Optimisation and Softline’s Application Modernization Program can guide you. Join our webinar, and hear all about it!

Date: October 2022

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Webinar on-demand

» Softline & Flexera Webinar on Data Quality & IT Asset Visibility « 

Trustworthy data is the foundation for achieving Compliance, Control and Cost savings. John Sorensen & Jan van Kalkeren will take you through the challenges that are identified and presented in the State of the ITAM 2022 report, the State of the Cloud 2022 report as well as the Tech Spend Pulse 2022.

Date: July 2022

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Webinar on-demand

» Flexera & Softline Webinar on the State of the ITAM Report « 

Conversation around the virtual roundtable: 3 different perspectives on the outcomes of the State of ITAM report

Date: November 2021

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» Tackle your strategic IT goals for 2021 with IT Asset Data! «

Date: 06/2021

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» The five most notorious misconceptions on SaaS «

Date: 04/2021

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Softline & Flexera: a strong partnership

Flexera, the software company that helps organizations realize technology’s power to accelerate their business has recognized its outstanding partners for the past six years. »This award recognizes the significant impact that Softline has made within the SAM market in EMEA. Softline continues to impress us with their understanding of the needs of customers and helping them exceed their goals«, said Cindy Grogan, Vice President of Global Alliances at Flexera in 2019.

Flexera honored Softline Group with a Partner Award for seven years in a row.

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