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Managing your IT asset data

Organisations face challenges on a day to day basis around the enormous amount of IT data. However, it is becoming increasingly important that data on your IT assets is complete and correct so that it contributes positively to your business results. The Flexera Data Platform can help you! It delivers actual, relevant and trustworthy data about your IT-assets – at any time, at any moment.

Incorrect data results in incorrect business decisions. So, you need to efficiently and effectively manage IT assets. That calls for the best, most up-to-date information available. With DataPlatform you gain insight into your IT data environment, offering you the possibility to optimise the data and enables you to make your IT environment future-proof. 

Normalise technical asset data

In this presentation, John Sorensen (Principal Solution Engineer at Flexera) provides insight into and exemplifies how IT organisations have leveraged Flexera’s solutions to normalise technical asset data and then enrich that data. He also shows how it can facilitate use cases that not only enable stakeholders to make proper business decisions, but also break down the silos between centers of excellence in the IT organisation.


Date: December 2019

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On-demand presentation

Flexera Data Platform

You probably know a lot about your IT assets, but do you know everything? In this joint webinar Softline and Flexera inform you about how and in what way Data Platform fits your current ITAM strategy. In this webinar:

  • a short introduction to the Flexera Data Platform
  • a demo of the platform
  • how to incorporate Data Platform into your SAM/ITAM strategy
  • how to make the most of your valuable data
  • some interesting user cases

Date: August 2018

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On-demand webinar

Data Platform & Technopedia

This datasheet shows just what Data Platform & Technopedia can do for you. It explains how Technopedia can deliver quality data through the its enormous repository of software and hardware products. The data sheet also illustrates the business objectives you can fulfil using Data Platform, such as improved access to data intelligence, reduction of IT spend and mitigation of risk.



Date: December 2019

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Datasheet Flexera Data Platform

What you can achieve:

  • 60% reduction in time spent researching and validating data
  • 5% reduction in software license spend through rationalisation
  • 80% reduction in effort spent managing external audits


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