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The Software Portfolio drives the Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is top of mind of every CIO. Although the majority of the SAM industry is still very business creating Effective License Positions and mitigating audit exposure, a new wave is coming. More and more people understand that ITAM is a crucial function to be able to make the digital transformation, and the Enterprise Architecture is at the heart of it enabling Application Portfolio Management, Technology Risk Management, Application Modernisation, and more. By supporting Application Portfolio Management and Application Rationalisation for example, SAM & ITAM managers are ideally suited to support it.


Find out how Software Asset Management can contribute to support the Digital Transformation of companies. Focusing on how the software portfolio is driving Digital Transformation, and what measures and in what ways Software Asset Management can provide in order to support this process.

  • Defining Digital Transformation - or DX - and outlining its characteristics, as well as analysing the influence that Digital Transformation has on Software & IT Asset Management.
  • Other IT Management disciplines that also tackle the matter of Digital Transformation, and how SAM & ITAM may help in order to support those.
  • A practical approach to Application Portfolio Management – how a Software or IT Asset Manager can tackle APM in real life.

How can Software Asset Management contribute to support the Digital Transformation of companies?

Get valuable insights of how far Digital Transformation can be driven and supported by Software Asset Management & IT Asset Management

  • Digital Transformation & influence on SAM & ITAM
  • IT Management disciplines addressing Digital Transformation and how SAM & ITAM can help
  • How Softline Group & LeanIX help organisations on their Digital Transformation Journey
  • Approach to Application Portfolio Management
  • Examples directly from the field