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Softline is one of ServiceNow’s few specialised Software Asset Management partners globally, to help organisations get the most value out of their SAM Professional module. The implementation of SAM Pro benefits substantially from the implementation activities of other ServiceNow modules and creates synergy between ServiceNow SAM Pro and investments already done in modules like ITSM, ITOM and ITBM. A perfect example of synergy is the reusability of data, creating consistency whilst maximising effort and costs. The ITAM team can piggyback, for example, on asset discovery done by IT Operations Management Discovery (ITOM Visibility). This way, an organisation can reduce the number of point solutions, creating a significant impact on the TCO for SAM, by using a single system of action.  

Softline & ServiceNow: Better together

Since the start of the partnership, ServiceNow & Softline have been working together on numerous international projects, throughout Europe, as well as hosting joint events and webinars, to educate the market and show the combined strength. 

Since just implementing a SAM tool will not be enough to achieve Compliance, Control & Cost savings, organisations need a specialised SAM partner by their side to make the most out of their investment. And ServiceNow recognises that. In August 2020 Softline was awarded ServiceNow’s Premier Partner status, which stands for a strong and certified team with expertise on ServiceNow SAM Pro. 

Read more about the partnership between Softline & ServiceNow.

Softline & ServiceNow eBook: Managing Oracle licensing and reducing compliance risks with ServiceNow

Topics that will be addressed include:

  • The situation for many organisations today

  • Managing Oracle licenses properly without risk

  • How ServiceNow can help you overcome your Oracle challenges

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Softline & ServiceNow eBook: Managing and optimising Concurrent User Based licensing with ServiceNow

This eBook discusses how to manage and get the most out of concurrent user based licensing in ServiceNow Software Asset Management (SAM).

Topics that will be addressed include:

  • What is concurrent userbased licensing?

  • How do you manage the licenses properly?

  • The challenges

  • Optimising your license consumption

  • The power of ServiceNow

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Softline & ServiceNow eBook: Managing Microsoft Azure in ServiceNow SAM

This eBook discusses how to manage Microsoft Azure in ServiceNow Software Asset Management (SAM) while also reducing Cloud spends.

Topics that will be addressed include:

  • Determining if Azure is the right fit for your Cloud needs compared to other providers;
  • How to identify opportunities around license compliance and optimisation;
  • How ServiceNow SAM (Cloud Insights) can help to optimise and reduce spend all together.
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Softline & ServiceNow eBook: Better Together

From our experience working with ServiceNow and seeing the power of whole platform, we have seen that the value we deliver with our Discovery, SAM Pro and HAM Pro implementations can be greatly increased by leveraging other ServiceNow modules that have an overlap with ITAM. In this e-book we describe the modules where we think a lot of added value can be derived if used together with ServiceNow ITAM. These modules and ITAM are ‘Better Together’.

ServiceNow ITAM is better together with: 

  • Application Portfolio Management

  • HR Service Delivery

  • IT Service Management

  • Procurement

  • Governance, Riskand Compliance

  • Softline apps for ServiceNow

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Softline & ServiceNow Webinar Series

What struggles are you facing when it comes to managing your licenses and resources?

In this year's webinar series with ServiceNow, learn all about: 

  • What you need to take into consideration to manage Microsoft, Oracle and Adobe properly without compliance risks
  • How you can manage Azure or your Concurrent User Based approach properly and how can you optimise license consumption

Register below for your topic(s) of choice: Concurrent User Based approach, Azure, Adobe, Microsoft and Oracle.


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Softline Asset Verification Workspace App for ServiceNow

The Asset Verification Workspace has been developed to support companies with their data verification processes. The most important goal of this application is to improve data quality and making the ServiceNow CMDB (and possibly other sources) more trustworthy.


View the Asset Verification Workspace App in the ServiceNow store

More about the Asset Verification Workspace App

Softline SAM Performance Dashboard App for ServiceNow!

Softline created the SAM Performance Dashboard, an app specifically created for the ServiceNow environment. This app brings a central dashboard that helps the ITAM and SAM teams to monitor the functional and technical processes within ServiceNow SAM. The app comes in the new “Workspace” that introduces a complete new look and feel to the ServiceNow platform. 

See the SAM Performance Dashboard App in the ServiceNow Store

More about the Softline SAM Performance Dashboard App

Update: ServiceNow Tokyo release highlights

ServiceNow Tokyo was rolled out in Q3 2022. Find out what's new in the Tokyo release when it comes to ITAM, HAM, Cloud Insights or ITOM? 

Read what's new in ServiceNow Tokyo

On-demand: ServiceNow, Softline & Anglepoint on Technology Asset Management

What is trending in the Technology Asset Management market and what challenges are expected in the next 18 months? 

Watch this session to find out more about:

  • What leading ITAM consultants like Anglepoint and Softline Group are seeing in the market
  • How to align an ITAM program with C-level objectives and initiatives
  • What to do for budget increases and improve ITAM program maturity
  • Why a single platform is the leading indicator to reduce costs and improve quality of IT service
  • The benefits of elevating ITAM maturity through automation for any type of asset in any IT estate
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Why ServiceNow ITSM customers should look into using ServiceNow SAM & ITAM

A lot of organisations that have addressed their ITSM practice might be missing the cost-saving potential Software & IT Asset Management offers them. As an existing user of ServiceNow who is looking at implementing or improving their existing SAM implementation, the ServiceNow ITAM module should be on the top of your list.

Read all about why existing ServiceNow ITSM customers should use ServiceNow SAM Pro, and download the eBook. Highlights of this eBook are:

  • Cost savings with ServiceNow

  • Achieve Compliance, Control & Cost savings by implementing, managing and continuously improving SAM & ITAM in a structured manner 
  • Mapping the benefits of SAM Pro to the floors of the Softline’s House of ITAM® 
  • Softline SAM Performance Dashboard App for ServiceNow

  • Realising cost savings by implementing the 7 categories of potential savings, defined by Gartner® 
  • Application Portfolio Management: implementing one of the seven Gartner® potential savings elements 
  • Managing licenses in ServiceNow

  • ServiceNow release overview

ServiceNow SAM Pro

SAM Pro is ServiceNow’s module for Software Asset Management. It runs on a single-architecture platform (the Now Platform®), enabling faster outcomes to slash spending and license compliance risks. With the Quebec release, the formally known SAM Pro module is now splitted into two license types, SAM Professional and SAM Enterprise.

Running SAM on the same platform is a game changer for future use cases, as you'll be able to alert the issues, processes, and events before you get out of compliance in the first place. Mitigate expensive true up costs and wasted spend. By leveraging the Platform you already have in place, you can get to SAM outcomes faster.  

  • Elevate ITAM with the only single-platform solution to feed critical asset data to the business via digital workflows  
  • Mitigate risk with a single, real-time view across unlicensed deployments, re-harvesting options, and actionable software positions by publisher 
  • Slash software and cloud spend by optimizing usage with reallocation workflows and right-sizing future purchases for on-prem and cloud-based services 


In the Quebec release, several new features have been added to ServiceNow Software Asset Management.

Hardware Asset Management

In the ServiceNow Paris release, a completely new Hardware Asset Management (HAM) module was added to the ServiceNow platform. HAM provides increased visibility of the asset estate and automates the IT lifecycle on a single platform. 

As you can read in this blog, the HAM module features include: 

  • Hardware Normalisation 
    • Content Library: allows your assets to be normalised to a single standard which makes it more easy to manage and maintain assets and related Configuration Items. 
    • Manufacturer lifecycle dates and attributes: life cycle data will be added to the content Library on a day-to-day basis. With life cycle data the hardware models will be populated with information on the Pre-release, General Availability, End of sales, End of support and end of extended support values 
  • Asset Lifecycle Automation 
    • Hardware Asset Order 
    • Hardware Bulk Stock Order 
    • Hardware Disposal 
    • Asset Tasks—Deploy, Swap, Retire 
  • Hardware Asset Dashboard: easily manage your hardware assets 
  • Mobile Asset Inventory Audit: with the ServiceNow mobile apps your stockroom managers can scan barcodes of the available assets to verify if the status of the assets are indeed as registered in the CMDB 

In the Quebec release, several new features have been added to ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management.

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Actively Manage your SAP Licenses (eBook)

Softline & ServiceNow hosted a joint webinar on Managing SAP in ServiceNow SAM. This eBook holds the SAP part of the webinar. 

Date: 12/2021

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Optimising Cloud Spend & Managing Azure in ServiceNow SAM

What challenges are you facing around Oracle licensing? What effect did the recent ServiceNow SAM verification as third-party tool vendor by Oracle have on managing your Oracle licenses using ServiceNow SAM? All your Oracle related questions are answered in this free on demand.

Date: 06/2021

Request Managing Azure eBook

Softline helps organisations to get
the most value out of their SAM Pro module

Are you looking for a reliable partner to implement 
ServiceNow SAM PRO module to achieve successful your SAM goals?

Softline is named one of few specialised Software Asset Management partners globally, helping customers get the most value out of SAM Professional module.

Contact us to learn how The Now Platform® of ServiceNow is a perfect fit with all the building blocks that define the House of ITAM® including the highest level of SAM maturity: full lifecycle integration.

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