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Softline Asset Verification Workspace App for ServiceNow

The Asset Verification Workspace has been developed to support companies with their data verification processes. The most important goal of this application is to improve data quality and making the ServiceNow CMDB (and possibly other sources) more trustworthy. 

Verifying data from different sources can be a time-consuming and manual (error-prone) effort. To improve data quality it is key to make sure your CMDB data is accurate and complete. The other way around, it is also important that your third-party security or IT Asset Management tool has trustworthy and complete data. 

The Asset Verification Workspace is a native ServiceNow application that compares asset data from multiple sources and identify gaps and report on lacking data quality. The following data attributes will be verified by this app:

  • Existence – does device “A” exists in all connected sources? And, if so, what is the overlap?
  • Duplicates – are there duplicate devices in the CMDB, or other sources?
  • Status – are there devices with an ‘active’ status in Source “A”, but an ‘inactive’ status in Source “B”?
  • Most recent discovery date – are there any ‘active’ devices that have not been discovered for a long(er) time, that are part of the different sources?
  • Overall data quality - additional important related data quality issues are shown that cannot easily be identified out-of-the-box, such as workstations and servers without software installations, virtual servers not linked to a physical host, workstations without an assigned user, and many others.

Key features of the Asset Verification Workspace App 

  • Identify data gaps within your different data sources.
  • Easy wizards (playbook) to set-up integrations and import data from different sources.
  • Monitor trends in data quality improvements and other related figures.
  • Easy/quick access to deviations in data.
  • Toolset to improve the overall trustworthiness of your data.
  • Supported integrations: CMDB, Azure Active Directory and manual imports based on an Excel template file.

The intuitive dashboards can be used by the end-user (Configuration Manager, Chief Information Security Officer, IT Asset Manager) to analyse potential issues and take remediating actions.

About Softline & ServiceNow’s partnership

Softline, as independent ITAM expert, helps its customers to achieve Compliance, Control & Costsavings for their IT. The partnership started back in 2018 as one of the few ServiceNow’s specialised SAM partners globally. Softline is also part of the EMEA partner advisory council. Softline’s step by step approach is based on the ISO/IEC 19770-1:2017 standard for ITAM and best practices emerging from hundreds of customer cases. Upon this standard, Softline developed their own branded House of ITAM® that helps organisations get to a higher ITAM maturity level. The ServiceNow modules overlaps perfectly with the House of ITAM®, with the Software Asset Management module right in the middle.

About Softline Group

Softline Group is a pan-European and globally acting IT consulting company, focussing on IT Asset Management, Information- and IT-Security, Cloud & Future Datacentre as well as Digital Workplace. The group is the headquartered in Germany with offices in Leipzig, Wolfsburg, and Aschheim (Munich), as well in the Netherlands (Nieuwegein), Belgium (Antwerp), and the United Kingdom (London).

The Softline Group offers its customers integrated solutions to achieve Compliance, Control and Cost Savings for their IT. The Softline Group is sustainably growing and has developed into a globally recognised consulting company. The group is multiple award-winning and certified implementation partner for numerous software publishers and recognised by Gartner as a “Challenger” in the 2021 Gartner® Magic QuadrantTM for SAM Managed Services.