In March 2020, Softline and Tanium entered their partnership. This partnership brings together years of expertise in IT Asset Management, with unified endpoint management. The Tanium platform provides security and IT operations teams with accurate endpoint data, even across the largest and most complex networks. The partnership between and Tanium will help clients gain valuable insights into the current state of their endpoints. 

Trustworthy Data

Nowadays most organisations use specific tooling to support their Software Asset Management. These tools help the license manager or Software / IT Asset Manager by automating a bulk of the administrative work such as identifying and normalising software titles, converting license purchases into license entitlements, and linking these entitlements to the normalised installations.  

However, since SAM tools are only as good as the data that comes in, organisations need to know the actual coverage by data sources such as the AD and the CMDB. SAM tools need information from the infrastructure about installed software, the usage of the software and information about the hardware this software is being used on.  

So, in order to get the information needed, organisations need to have all their IT assets in clear view. 

IT Asset Discovery

IT Asset discovery and verification are important steps that need to be taken towards high quality (trustworthy) data. With the Tanium Platform, an organisation is able to gain full visibility into all endpoints on the network. It enables organisations to find and take control of unmanaged endpoints across remote, on-premises and cloud environments. Next to the information being collected about hardware and software, installed and used, the connections between the different systems and applications are also collected. The strength of the platform comes from the fact that not only information is collected but can also be put in action for software license re-harvesting, software policy enforcements and swift responding to threats in the infrastructure. 

Features of the Tanium platform

The Tanium platform enables organisations to get complete visibility and control into hardware and software assets, and discover assets to mitigate risk and improve decision-making.  

  • Unmanaged Asset Identification: the Tanium platform actively monitors and scans local subnets for unmanaged assets. It reports on newly discovered and lost assets that were previously managed. 
  • Detailed Endpoint Data: For every device it finds, Tanium Discover shows the hostname, MAC and IP addresses, device manufacturer, OS, open ports/applications and historical information such as the first and last time the unmanaged asset was seen on the network. 

ServiceNow Service Graph

ServiceNow Service Graph, the next-generation system of record for digital products and services addresses the entire technology stack from infrastructure to the application layer. It includes ServiceNow’s CMDB, the repository for all infrastructure, relationships and configuration management information. With Service Graph, IT organisations are empowered with a broad and deep data foundation for managing the entire lifecycle of digital products and services. In addition, it underpins all ServiceNow products, allowing customers to tie together technology components, people and processes into a service-oriented view. This connected approach enables customers to leverage their existing CMDB investments to rationalise portfolios, automate development, streamline cloud and security operations, manage risk, and understand ROI, driving high-value business outcomes. 

Adding on to that, Tanium enables organisations to query and manage hundreds of thousands of endpoints in real time, regardless of where they are located, and without needing to manage credentials and firewalls. ServiceNow enables digital workflows to drive business growth, increase resilience, and enhance employee productivity. By integrating these technologies, customers can then populate and update their ServiceNow Service Graph and CMDB with Tanium managed endpoints on a frequent basis, which solves the typical issues of unreliable and out-of-date CMDBs. 

As part of the Service Graph Connector Program, a new designation within the Technology Partner Program, our latest update for the ServiceNow Paris release includes a certified Service Graph Connector on the ServiceNow App Store, which provides the following advantages: 

  • Leverages ServiceNow’s new Robust Transform Engine (RTE) feature. The engine comes with several transform APIs out of the box and which are used in the integration which helps deliver consistent data to the ServiceNow Service Graph and CMDB. 
  • Continuing to take advantage of the Identification and Reconciliation Engine (IRE), RTE works with IRE within the system for better handling of the synchronisation. In addition, Service Graph Connectors also leverage the new Multisource engine to make data management and data visibility simple and automated. 
  • Helps customers be able to better customise the mappings using IntegrationHub ETL depending on their environment. 

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