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Community & Sponsoring

We believe it is important as an organisation to not only help our customers from an IT Asset Management perspective, but to do more. This "doing more" translates into supporting charities, locally and internationally, but also making an active contribution within our industry. From the organisation's point of view itself, and from our employees.

Softline and the community

ITAM Forum

In the spring of 2020, the ITAM Forum was formed with the goal of promoting the value of IT Asset Management and supporting the advancement of the IT Asset Management industry. A non-profit membership organisation, run by ITAM professionals for ITAM professionals.

Read more about the ITAM Forum here.


Working Group 21 is a working group that works on the ISO 19770 standard. Dennis Montanje, Managing Director Softline Group Northern Europe, is an active member.

“It is my strong believe that the ITAM industry as a whole, being the combination of end-users, software publishers, ITAM tool providers, and consultancy firms, benefit from a clear and up-to-date standard. With the knowledge and experiences I’ve gained over the course of the years working in the ITAM domain, I want to help achieve this.”

Softline as sponsor

AMREF Flying Doctors

Participants of Africa Classic raise money for AMREF Flying Doctors. This is an organisation that works with conviction and guts for a healthy and strong Africa. Its goal is to permanently improve the health of people in Africa. Especially that of girls and young women. Because if they are and remain healthy, they can work and build a better life for themselves and their families. Our colleague Dennis Montanje will be actively involved through his participation in the Africa Classic in 2021. Read more about this initiative below.

World Health Organization

For years we have been celebrating the month of December together with our customers. Many have been surprised in recent years with a beautiful and delicious December cake. In 2020, the world looked different than we are used to. Therefore, we decided to donate the money normally spent on cakes to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund (part of the World Health Organization (WHO), to help countries around the world.

Movement On The Ground

We believe it is important to not only help our customers from an IT Asset Management perspective, but to do more. This "doing more" translates into supporting charities, both locally and internationally. Such as “Movement on the Ground”.

Movement on the Ground aims to transform refugee camps into dignified, healing, enabling and safe environments with and for people on the move and their host community. Softline has donated 28 used laptops for the Digital Learning Lab (DLL)/ Skillsbuild project in Mytilini (the capitol of the island of Lesvos – Greece). Read the full story.

Utrecht Made

Besides sponsoring a global charity, in December 2020 we decided to sponsor local small businesses as well. Therefore, we surprised our own Softline team with a Christmas package from "Utrecht Made". We encourage everyone to pay them a visit themselves! With this gift pack of sustainable products, we not only contribute to society, we also want to make sure that our team starts the December month well and we remain a "Great Place to Work".

Softline and "Mother Nature"

Fruitful Office

Fruitful Office normally delivers a fruit basket to our office every week. This way we invest in the health of our team. Fruitful Office is committed to a sustainable and fair society. The fruit delivered is fresh, local and seasonal. Fruit that is not used for delivery to offices they donate to local Food Banks and food waste is prevented. In addition, for every fruit basket delivered, they plant a fruit tree in Malawi.

Softline colleagues in action for a good cause

Corporate social responsibility activity 2022

At Softline, we believe that there is more than just ITAM. That is why we try to support charities & community efforts, locally and internationally.

In October 2022 our team worked on green maintenance at "De Hertenkamp" estate. This is a residential location for youth care, a shelter for asylum seekers, a location for voluntary associations, as well as a public walking/biking space. Part of the Softline team cleared space for the planting of heathland. The other part worked on creating a wooded bank for local badgers. A great afternoon with hard-working people, smiling faces and lots of laughter!

Africa Classic 2022

Dennis Montanje, Managing Director of Softline Group Northern Europe took on a special challenge in June 2022. He rode the Africa Classic, a 400 km bike ride through Tanzania to raise money for AMREF Flying Doctors. 

Dennis: "Last Saturday we finished where we started a week earlier and with that our adventure came to an end. It was an incredible experience full of impressions that will take some time to put in perspective. After experiencing the country, the people, and some of the projects of Amref, I’m sure that the € 301.367 the 41 bikers raised, will be put to a good use. I would like to thank you all for your support with your donations, best wishes, and the nice mail cards."

Read more about the Africa Classic 2022

Fabian Lloyd, ServiceNow Consultant @ Softline, commits to Kinderland

Fabian: "We were very happy that Kinderland was able to continue this year and that we were able to entertain over 400 children during two whole weeks. The children have done various activities, from swimming to laser gaming and from going to the woods to the smashing finale, going to amusement park Slagharen! This was organised by more than 100 volunteers who, together, took care of everything. During the day the children were at Kinderland, but they were picked up again at 4 pm every day. That is when the volunteers were able to do fun activities together as well, such as playing card games, a pub quiz, bingo and also have a barbecue in the weekend of the two weeks. In short, two fantastic summer weeks for both the children as well as the volunteers!"