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Application Modernization

In a recent study by ESG, more than 55% of the organizations that responded indicated that the Enterprise Architect is a trusted or influential business stakeholders. As a trusted stakeholder, you need to be able to make informed business decisions. A key factor to do this is the utilization of data.

Quality data

Having good quality data is a challenge. Not only for Enterprise Architects, but also for many other team members. The data is available, but is siloed and not all silos have the same accurate and up-to-date data.

Reduce costs

For Enterprise Architects, the most interesting area of improvement is the ability to reduce costs by identifying redundant systems and workflows together with the rest of the team. However, how can you achieve this when not having the proper data?

ITAM challenges

IT Asset Management teams have the same or similar challenges as Enterprise Architects. Their focus was already the optimization and finding of software spend savings for their on-premise environments, but now they need to focus more and more on SaaS, IaaS and PaaS spend.

If both teams have similar challenges, let us start by carefully putting the two bricks (Enterprise Architecture and IT Asset Management) together. If Enterprise Architects use the accurate and up-to-date data that most IT Asset Management teams have, you are able to use this “fuel” to drive your digital transformation.

Application Portfolio Management & Enterprise Architecture

To reduce the complexity of the application portfolio and the related costs and risks, Application Portfolio Management (APM) is considered as the discipline to assess individual applications and application portfolios to justify their value, in order to make better decisions regarding the future state.

APM is closely related to Enterprise Architecture (EA). EA can be used to unveil the relations between business processes, applications and underlying infrastructure. Moreover, EA can be used to effectively detect misalignments and redundancies in the application landscape. 

Dedicated Enterprise Architecture (EA) and cloud native solutions are utilized to scale these APM process for use by different stakeholders. Softline uses solutions from LeanIX or ServiceNow for our APM services. These feature dynamic inventories from the ITAM solutions, configurable reports based on data collected and maintained by distributed users, contextualise the business value of applications to streamline vendor analysis and risk management, while revealing opportunities for technology adaption. Modern EA and Cloud native solutions augment IT system analysis for augmenting functionality during a TIME strategy (Tolerate, Invest, Migrate, Eliminate). 

Our APM service typically involves the following:

  • documenting current and future applications deployed (or planned to be)
  • identifying and/or automating changes to application service lifecycles
  • organising applications according to business capabilities
  • arranging IT components into technology stacks
  • grading the technical and functional value of application


If your organisation is at a low “fitness level” when it comes to managing digital assets, you are not alone. Achieving the necessary fitness level requires focus. While the road may feel long for those just beginning to improve APM fitness, support is available with Softline’s services.

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