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TIP OF THE WEEK: Hook 'em up to ITAM

Every week we share our expert TIP with you.
#19: Hook 'em up to ITAM!

Do you run any ITAM tooling within your (large) company? Does your tooling cover enough of your estate? Is every department or subsidiary connected? Many large companies are dealing with "blind spots" related to their ITAM discovery & inventory, causing an inconsistent view on their license position.

It's important to make every IT Asset visible within your ITAM tooling to achieve full insight on your (physical and virtual) hardware estate, whether it is located on premises or within your private or public Cloud solutions.

  • First order of business is of course to make sure all departments are aware of the advantages of "being connected" to the ITAM discovery and inventory.
  • Secondly, and maybe even more important, is it to make all departments aware of the urge to include an ITAM connection within their installation procedures.
  • A third point to take into consideration, is that special IT environments that are dealing with development & testing or configured for disaster & recovery purposes might be in place. Often more friendly (cheaper!) license-terms are applicable for these environments, but not all companies are using them to their full extent.

Softline has a lot of experience in expanding your discovery & inventory within your company. Also, we have many options to check your ITAM coverage, by comparing the available ITAM tooling content with other sources and determining and addressing any inconsistencies that occur within your company. Finally, we know all about development & test licensing options. 

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