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TIP OF THE WEEK - Use ISO for better alignment & integration

Every week we share our expert TIP with you.
#6: Use ISO for better alignment & integration

With the introduction of the ISO /IEC 19770-1 standard for ITAM, a basis is provided to achieve better alignment and integration between ITAM or SAM processes and processes related to other ISO systems. 

The ISO standard for ITAM is built on a universal management system that focusses on the management of the operation, instead of the operation itself. By using the Plan-Do-Check-Act model as founding principle, continuous improvement is integrated. Looking at the market and the increasing ITAM maturity of many organisations, different disciplines like Change Management, Security Management, Procurement and ITAM are getting closer and need to improve their collaboration. By building ITAM processes on top of the universal ISO system, the same language is being spoken as for example within IT Service Management.

Softline has translated the ISO standard for ITAM into the House of ITAM ®, combined with best practises gained by hundreds of SAM/ITAM projects on a yearly basis. Built on the strong ISO management system foundation, the House of ITAM® offers organisations a structured approach of implementing ITAM and achieving Compliance, Control & Cost savings.

The PDCA model from ITAM perspective



  • Understand the strengths & weaknesses, opportunities & threats of the company.


  • Change requires leadership, not just management. Clear objectives, commitment & action are required.


  • Define the actions required to achieve objectives, capitalise opportunities & manage risks.


  • Leaders must provide resources for establishment, maintenance & continuous improvement of ITAM. 



  • Monitor, measure, analyse and evaluate the achievement of objectives.



  • Implementing ITAM requires to establish, implement & control operational processes & interfaces.



  • Use output of performance evaluation & take action to achieve continuous improvement of ITAM.

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