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TIP OF THE WEEK: How to handle the seismic shift towards SaaS

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#74: How to handle the seismic shift towards SaaS

The main constant in IT is change. And the seismic shift towards Software as a Service products (SaaS) can't have gone by unnoticed. The amazing growth of these products has really been driven by the benefits for customers including low entry barriers, such as quick setups and pay-as-you-go pricing. But also by the great benefits for providers, such as standardisation and agility on new deployments.

As many of these services are just a credit card payment away, the question that IT departments now have is “How do we stay in control of all these products?” That is why, at Softline Solutions, we have seen a major growth in discussions about SaaS monitoring. It is showing us that it is an area that really worries a lot of customers, as they feel that they haven’t got control over this new approach to software.

The great news is that providers are stepping up to this challenge with tooling that can recognise what SaaS products are being used and by whom. As a result, by using this new tooling to slot into your current ITAM best practice, you can quickly get control over this previously hidden piece of your IT estate.


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