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Tip of the week: ITAM activities - How do you keep an overview?

This week, we have another expert TIP for you.
#85: ITAM activities - How do you keep an overview?

In recent years, ITAM has become more than just checking license positions and buying software. We see a lot of companies doing their best to keep track of everything, but with an increasing workload, this can sometimes be quite difficult. Make sure you keep an overview!

Can't see the forest for the trees anymore? Softline can help you with an ITAM calendar. Together with you, we bring the whole year into view and make sure your ITAM team does not encounter any surprises. Everything is clearly categorised and interdependencies are taken into account. For example, you do not want a detailed license report if you just renewed your contract.


It is important to keep track of activities and to make sure that they are carried out, discussed, evaluated and re-scheduled on a regular basis.

Just think of:

  • keeping track of contracts and delivering (or having delivered) the corresponding reports on time,
  • maintaining SAM tooling in terms of content and technology,
  • verifications for hardware and software,
  • purchase registrations including the corresponding metrics,
  • supplies from supporting parties,
  • obligations in terms of license positions in order to prevent audits,
  • communication with the business, such as contract and application managers,
  • conferences, knowledge sessions and training courses.


A well-functioning ITAM calendar, including a proper division of roles within the team, has several advantages in practice. It complements the service provided in terms of timing, manageability, possible outsourcing and scalability thereof. In addition, from the calendar there is a direct relationship to roles and responsibilities as described in the ISO standard for ITAM and/or ITAM/ServiceNow methodologies.

Keep an overview of ITAM activities

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