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ServiceNow Madrid release

¡Hola, Madrid! The new NowPlatform® Madrid release has just been launched, welcoming a significant and innovative leap forward for ServiceNow and their customers. 

There are many new products introduced in Madrid, and additional features were added to existing ServiceNow products. In this blog we are happy to highlight the significant improvements around the Software Asset Management module of ServiceNow SAM Pro.

SAP Publisher Pack

Enables customers to take control of costly ERP user licensing and identify potential savings; SAP licensing is often one of the largest customer pain points for controlling software spend and incompliance. Use the SAP publisher pack to identify user access and named user assignments in a SAP environment to compare against signed SAP contracts and optimise where needed.

ServiceNow SAP Publisher Pack

License Workbench

Enables customers to prioritize urgent publisher licensing issues; Offering a simplified overview to identify incompliance around publishers that require attention, and prioritise.

For the lucky few the following new features are available, to be expected for general availability in the upcoming New York release:

Normalisation and Content Service Dashboard

To enable organisation to get a quick overview of current normalisation rates and health of the content service the normalisation and content service dashboard is created. 

Reclamation by Last Used Date

Enabling organisations to collect a Last Used (or Activity) Date for software via SCCM 2016 and 2012; this date can be used as a proxy for usage metering data to identify and reclaim unused software to unlock saving potentials without the hassle of creating usage tracking rules in SCCM. 

File Based Discovery and Normalization (Limited Access)

Enables customers to capture the complete picture of software installations on devices and configuration items;
Identify stale software that is no longer running in the environment. With the use of the extensive Content Library, attributes discovered are mapped to software packages.

SaaS License Management (Limited Access)

Enables customers to manage priority high value SaaS apps;
Ahead of schedule, with SaaS License Management the VendorHawk capabilities are introduced in Madrid, even though via Limited Access. Showing an overview of licenses from an organisations’ top SaaS publisher, combined with an analysation of usage data from the vendor API to identify low hanging fruit. Set up workflows to reclaim under-utilised licenses and preservice deleted user’s  content before deleting. Including an overview of SaaS subscriptions for Dropbox, Salesforce Sales Cloud, DocuSign and many more.