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Cloud Cost Simulator

Organisations are migrating to the cloud, in fact many organisations have a multi-cloud strategy. Cloud offers many advantages such as low set-up cost, zero capex expenditure , higher security and many more… However, in the cloud migration journey, IT Asset Managers do not always have the data points available to them to influence which resources could be moved to the cloud for maximum cost savings.

The questions IT Asset Managers have are three-fold:

  1. Which resources or workloads on-premise can be moved to the cloud?
    Are there virtual machines on-premises having low utilisation, software reaching End of life, or hardware reaching End of life- which if moved to the cloud can be more cost-optimal?
  2. Which is the most optimal cloud to migrate to?
    Cloud is complex there are several different types of virtual machines across different regions- it is difficult to determine the most cost effective cloud provider and the most cost effective resource within the cloud provider to migrate to?
  3. What will be the cost of migrating software?
    Is it more cost-effective to use Bring Your Own License or purchase it directly from the respective cloud provider?


As a solution for these use cases ServiceNow Software Asset Management has come up with the Cloud Cost Simulator in its latest Tokyo Release. For more info, please visit ServiceNow Docs. To understand the feature in more details please view the Cloud Cost Simulator video.

Cloud Cost Simulator from ServiceNow SAM

Figure 1: Automated Recommendation to move to the cloud

Figure 2: Showcasing the cost of on-premise resources vs AWS and Azure Cost

The feature helps ITAM Managers with the following functionalities:

  1. Tailored to the needs and use cases of the ITAM Manager (software cost- BYOL vs non-BYOL)
  2. Provides Automated Recommendations to the ITAM Managers to move on-premise resources to cloud
  3. Provides Flexibility to ITAM Managers to perform what-if analysis and create their own criteria(s) to evaluate the cost of moving selected resources to cloud
  4. Provides Comparison of  Projected costs on-premise vs. the cost on different cloud providers. This helps ITAM Manager(s) take the right decision
  5. Provides extended visibility and detailed cost for each resource - categorized by cost of compute, storage, software. In addition, provides a confidence score of moving each resource to the cloud
  6. Ability to create change request (ITSM) directly from the feature to enable actual Cloud Migration


Note: This feature is part of SAM Enterprise (SAM Pro+ Cloud Insights)