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Trustworthy data: The foundation for succes

We as a market leader want to share our knowledge and help organisations to improve and to achieve Compliance, Control & Cost savings. Trustworthy data is the basis of your ITAM structure and about knowing what you have, so you can manage it (Compliance). We have prepared an overview of our contents in the field of trustworthy data and data quality. You can find even more on that topic in our Knowledge Base

eBook: More is not always better - How IT Asset Management contributes to the “Data Quality vs. Quantity” debate

We come across it regularly: the idea that combining data sets “magically“ leads to (qualitatively) better data. ITAM specialists know that it does not work like that, but what should we look for? What are quality data to contribute to ITAM?

Highlights of the eBook

  • Big data vs. large database
  • Big Data challenges
  • Data Quality - End point solution vs. platform
  • Case studies
  • Takeaways 
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Data Quality vs Data Quantity: part 2 – End point solution vs. Platform

One of the most striking contextual changes we see at our clients lately, is the difference between data quality & management tooling between endpoint solutions and platform solutions. 

Learn how contextual differences between ITAM Endpoint solution and ITAM solutions integrated in a platform influences the challenges our clients have faced.



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eBook: Softline and Flexera on Data Quality & IT Asset Visibility

In August 2022, Softline and Flexera hosted a joint webinar on Data Quality & IT Asset Visibility. We have bundled the information from this webinar in this eBook.

Read this eBook to find out more about:

  • Flexera reports - trends &challenges (State of ITAM, State of the Cloud, Tech Spend Pulse)

  • The Softline approach

  • Real-life customer cases

  • Data enrichment


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Data Quality vs Data Quantity: part 1 – “Big Data” challenges

Data Quality can be improved by connecting additional data sources. Linking can be done via connectors, API’s and one-off imports or even by linking different ITAM tooling solutions to each other. But, this can result in large data collections.

Find out why context is king when it comes to interpreting data. 

Read more in part 1 of this blog series

On-demand: Flexera and Softline on Data Quality & IT Asset Visibility

Trustworthy data is the foundation for achieving Compliance, Control and Cost savings. John Sorensen & Jan van Kalkeren will take you through the challenges that are identified and presented in the State of the ITAM 2022 report, the State of the Cloud 2022 report as well as the Tech Spend Pulse 2022.


  • The highlights of the State of the ITAM report, the State of the Cloud report and the Tech Spend Pulse 2022

  • The challenges your peers face

  • How to address these challenges with the combined strenth of the Softline House of ITAM® and the Flexera One Portfolio


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