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Building your House of ITAM®

IT Asset Management (ITAM) provides insight into software and hardware assets for your organisation. With this insight you can take profound decisions, take measures to achieve license Compliance, Control & Cost savings, and prevent or limit financial risks from software audits. 

Whatever SAM & IT Asset Management objectives your organisation has, Softline can help you reach the desired level of SAM & ITAM maturity. Softline is an award winning organisation and reliable implementation partner for: Flexera, ServiceNow, Tanium en Snow Software.

The Softline House of ITAM®

Softline developed a tried and tested approach, based on the ISO/IEC 19770-1:2017 standard for IT Asset Management and best practices from the hundreds of international projects that are executed each year. The Softline's approach is visualised as a house built from the ground up: the House of ITAM®.

Go through the House of ITAM step by step

  • Trustworthy data is about knowing what you have so you can manage it. It is the collection of infrastructure and contract- and license data, reconciliation, analysis, advise and optimisation. It also includes the monitoring of changes in the infrastructure or organisation that can impact your ITAM practice, as well as securing the sensitive ITAM data against loss or unauthorised access.
  • Life Cycle Integration is about achieving greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the IT asset life cycle, by assuring that these are managed in the most effective way in each step of the life-cycle.
  • Optimization is about attaining greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness through functional focus. Focus on the contractual and financial side of IT assets, as well as the risks involved with using them.

Build to create a long-term strategy to attain results

Every organisation has different needs regarding the implementation of Software Asset Management as part of their IT Asset Management strategy. Perhaps some processes are already present, and the installed software is viewed in a particular way.

Depending on what your organisation would like to achieve and what objectives have been set, an approach and a planning are drafted together with the internal stakeholders. A short-term plan, supplemented by a long-term strategy, in order to help your organisation attain its stated objectives.

Softline benefits

Softline is Europe's leading international & independend SAM & IT Asset Management expert and helps organisations to achieve ComplianceControl and Cost savings. With the use of the House of ITAM® the implementation of SAM is part of a long term strategy with short term, (corresponding) goals. The approach is tried and tested many times and a translation of the ISO/IEC 19770 - 1: 2018 standard for ITAM. Softline is independent from software publishers and is not selling licenses as a large account reseller do. This means that we our expertise and advise to improve your SAM / ITAM practise is always based on facts and objectivity. With Softline's large partnership network the most suitable solution to reach strategic goals can be implemented.

Why do you choose

When setting up SAM & IT Asset Management (ITAM) within an organisation, it is important to have a reliable and specialised partner assisting you. Softline is the leading independent European SAM / ITAM expert. This offers you the advantage of having access to highly experienced SAM consultants and an approach that is completely based on best practices.

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