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A success story of 95 % reduction of a calculated Oracle incompliance risk of > 20 million

Softline helps organisations to get insight in their compliance position and by this reduce Oracle costs significantly, sometimes even by millions of euros. 

Organisations are doing their best to be in control of their Oracle licensing, but unfortunately, often lack the extensive knowledge needed to see where potential savings lie. Or there simply just isn’t enough time to identify these savings potentials. This is where Softline can step in. 

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Dutch organisation, where an internal department calculated a possible incompliance of > € 20 Million.

Our solution

The Softline Solutions' Oracle experts helped to get to grip on the Oracle environment, by:

  • analysing the entitlements & deployments/usage
  • working closely together with internal stakeholders, divisions, outsourcing partners and even Oracle itself

End result

95% reduction of calculated incompliance, measured by the own organisation.

Better insights in, and control on:

  • several contracts 
  • metrics 
  • calculation methods 
  • future opportunities

Do you want to

  • lower licensing costs?

  • be audit-ready?

  • avoid heavy settlements?


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