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ITAM Maturity Workshop register (end-users only)

Do you know the impact on your organisation and team when increasing your ITAM maturity? And how to get control over your Cloud and SaaS usage and spend? Do you have a strategy on how to involve all stakeholders? And, how you can optimise your ITAM processes and create continuous improvement?

Join us on December 3rd for a true hands-on (online) workshop to understand how to address these questions.

Some statements about our workshops

"Very informative and gave good areas to consider in developing ITAM action plans" 

"Good to re-think the maturity assessment. Great to network and think of different business cases for SAM" 

"Informative and helpful with some thought provoking ideas" 

Latest ITAM News

TIP of the WEEK: The importance of a Strategic ITAM plan

When starting your ITAM journey don’t attempt to “boil the ocean”. It’s important to define your initial scope and set realistic limits.

TIP of the WEEK: Countering tunnel vision with discovery tooling

While creating that plan, it is tempting to base your scope on existing tooling such as the AD and the CMDB. An approach that is pragmatic, but also most certainly leads to tunnel vision due to incompleteness, poor data quality and limited coverage by those tools.