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Since trustworthy data is the basis of your ITAM structure, it is of key importance that this data is complete. But, some tools only cover part of your IT asset data.

In tier 1 of Softline Solutions’ House of ITAM, the focus is on gaining trustworthy data, which helps achieve compliance. The second tier 2 focusses on integrating ITAM into lifecycle processes. This where most of the links are made with ITSM processes. Activities in this tier helps clients to get in control. When tier 1 and 2 are firmly established, a company can move on to tier 3,optimisation where we start saving costs.

Getting Started with IT Visibility

To get started, Softline Solutions offers a Proof of Concept (POC) with Flexera’s IT visibility. IT Visibility is an analysis tool that offers comprehensive visibility into your IT environment to help you:

  • View your application portfolio at a high level—IT Visibility gives you a view of your total software installs so you can better understand your IT environment at a high level.
  • Identify and rationalize software sprawl—Using IT Visibility, you can view your software installs based on categories, manufacturer, and version so you can understand and rationalize sprawl, helping you reduce licensing costs and simplify your environment.
  • Mitigate end-of-life risk—In IT Visibility, you can easily view which software releases are approaching end-of-life and you can also view which products are already at end-of-life, so that you can choose to take actions to mitigate vulnerabilities and support costs.

Proof of concept

If you are interested in a POC, or want to talk about other services Softline Solutions can offer, please fill out the form below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Softline Solutions can help you with IT Asset Visibility.

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