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On demand webinars

Softline & ServiceNow Webinar Series

>>What struggles are you facing when it comes to managing your licenses and resources?<<

In this year's webinar series with ServiceNow, learn all about: 

  • What you need to take into consideration to manage Microsoft, Oracle and Adobe properly without compliance risks
  • How you can manage Azure or your Concurrent User Based approach properly and how can you optimise license consumption

Register below for your topic(s) of choice: Concurrent User Based approach, Azure, Adobe, Microsoft and Oracle.

Date: 11/2022

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Softline & Flexera webinar: FinOps & Cloud Cost Optimisation

>>Your Digital Transformation will probably lead you to the Cloud. But before you get there, there are some questions to address!<<

  • How to decide which applications to modernize?

  • How do you manage all your Cloud resources and keep your license compliancy?

  • And what do you do when suddenly your Cloud budget is almost gone? How do you stay in control of the invoices you received from your Hyperscaler or even multiple Hyperscalers?

  • Do you know what is being used, if it is rightsized or if all assets are tagged?

Here is where Flexera One Cloud Cost Optimisation and Softline’s Application Modernization Program can guide you. Join our webinar, and hear all about it!

Date: 10/2022

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Softline & The ITAM Review Webinar: ITAM fuels the Digital Transformation

>>Rich Gibbons from The ITAM Review and Patrick Heinrichs from Softline Group give an overview on how ITAM fuels the Digital Transformation.<<

During the on-demand they will walk through the process from basic application inventory to understanding applications deployed from a technical and business view, and transform the above discovered and used applications into a more modern environment. They will also discuss how to manage multi-cloud resources and what to do with the monthly invoices coming from the cloud providers.

Date: 10/2022 

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ITAM fuels the Digital Transformation driven by Enterprise Architects

>>Increasing the maturity of Enterprise Architecture and IT Asset Management is a challenge for both roles. In most cases it is the #1 challenge, and this is a mountain that can only be climbed by connecting with your colleagues<<

During this session we will discuss and show you what happens when both roles work together:

  • Unveil relationships between business processes, applications & infrastructure

  • Effectively detect misalignments and redundancies in the application landscape

  • Eliminate risks by identifying end-of-life technology

  • Instantly reveal “Shadow IT”

Date: 10/2022

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How SAP fits into your ITAM program

» Many organisations struggle with their license compliance and optimisation of their SAP estate «

In the first session of our two-part webinar series, learn more about how SAP fits into your ITAM program.


  • Creating a reliable effective licence position (ELP) and complete SAP ITAM inventory
  • Know your SAP stakeholders
  • SAP contracting opportunities

Date: 08/2022

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Preparing for the migration to S/4HANA

» This webinar is part of a two-part series on managing SAP «

In this second session, you will learn more about managing your license compliance and preparing for the upcoming migration to S/4HANA..


  • The urgency to act now for S/4 HANA

  • Insights into the numerous options for S/4HANA contracting

  • Why SAP is pushing RISE

  • And, once in a lifetime opportunities for renegotiating S/4HANA

Date: 08/2022

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Softline and Flexera on Data Quality & IT Asset Visibility

» The highlights of the State of the ITAM report, the State of the Cloud report and the Tech Spend Pulse 2022 «

Trustworthy data is the foundation for achieving Compliance, Control and Cost savings. John Sorensen (Flexera) & Jan van Kalkeren (Softline) will take you through the challenges that are identified and presented in the State of the ITAM 2022 report, the State of the Cloud 2022 report as well as the Tech Spend Pulse 2022.

Date: 07/2022

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SAM Performance Dashboard App for ServiceNow

 » We have developed our own ServiceNow application «

Since ServiceNow SAM is one of the many modules on the #NowPlatform, it can be very challenging for software asset managers when it comes to issues such as: Data Quality, Identifying gaps in license consumption and Troubleshooting from a technical perspective. 

To cover these gaps we have developed our own ServiceNow #application, called the SAM Performance Dashboard.

Date: 07/2022

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Is your ITAM program fit enough?

» Take on preparing for an ISO/IEC 19770-1 certification  «

The ISO/IEC 19770-1 standard is the de facto standard to build your ITAM processes, and certification is the method to demonstrate the quality of those processes. An ISO certification is ideally suited as a basis for communication with your internal and external stakeholders. But is your ITAM programme suitable for formal certification?

Find out what issues you need to take into account and what you can do now to prepare your organisation for ISO/IEC 19770-1 certification by watching this on-demand webinar! 

Date: 06/2022

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ServiceNow, Softline & Anglepoint on

» Technology Asset Management «

  • What leading ITAM consultants like Anglepoint and Softline Group are seeing in the market
  • How to align an ITAM program with C-level objectives and initiatives
  • What to do for budget increases and improve ITAM program maturity
  • Why a single platform is the leading indicator to reduce costs and improve quality of IT service
  • The benefits of elevating ITAM maturity through automation for any type of asset in any IT estate

Date: 01/2022


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Cloud Management & ITAM

» What are the challenges and opportunities when it comes to Cloud Management & ITAM? «

  • ITAM perspective shift
  • Cloud technology definitions
  • Cloud Discovery
  • How to keep costs, savings, program & process under control 

Date: 12/2021


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Softline & Flexera webinar

» 3 different perspectives on the outcomes of the State of ITAM report «

  • ITAM team composition and reporting structures
  • Responsibilities of ITAM, SAM and hardware asset management teams
  • Areas of past and future focus
  • Challenges introduced by the evolving hybrid IT landscape
  • Industry trends

Date: 11/2021


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The Software Portfolio Drives the Digital Transformation

» The Software Portfolio Drives the Digital Transformation «

  • The crucial function of ITAM as a driver of digital transformation
  • Successful optimization of functions for effective license positions
  • Best practices for audit exposure mitigation

Date: 10/2021


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Look at savings in a more strategic way!

» Look at savings in a more strategic way, don't settle for small savings! «

  • Prioritising your savings
  • Moving to a more strategic savings model
  • Cloud is not the only way to optimise

Date: 10/2021


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Azure & Cloud Spend webinar

» Managing Azure and Optimising your Cloud Spend 2021 «

  • What challenges are you facing managing your Azure resources?
  • What do you need to take into consideration to manage Azure properly and to optimise your Cloud spend
  • How can ServiceNow SAM (Cloud Insights) help you to optimise and reduce Cloud spend all together?

Date: 10/2021


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ServiceNow & Softline webinars

Watch the webinar(s) of your choice and learn more about licensing in ServiceNow SAM!

  • Azure
  • IBM
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle 
  • Salesforce
  • SAP
  • VMware

Date: 10/2021


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Session: Application Portfolio Management

» Application Portfolio Management: more than an enabler «

Watch this FREE on-demand session and learn more about how Application Portfolio Management can be more than an enabler! We look at this with compliance as a starting point. (session is in Dutch)

Date: 07/2020

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Solution Spotlight Session: IT Asset Visibility

» IT Asset Visibility «

Watch this FREE on-demand session and learn more about how to achieve IT Asset Visibility: from creating trustworthy data, to continuous improvement and looking at this from a technological perspective.

Datum: 06/2020

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Solution Spotlight Session: SaaS Management

» SaaS Management with ServiceNow - saving costs «

“Organisations can save up to 30% in software costs within the first year of implementing a SAM solution”, according to Gartner. During this session we illustrate the ServiceNow NowPlatform capabilities around SaaS Management.

Datum: 06/2020

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Solutions Spotlight Session: Application Rationalisation

» Kickstarting Application Standardisation and Rationalisation using ServiceNow «

How far are you implementing the seven categories of cost savings potential, stated by Gartner, worth 30% of your entire software spend? Start with application rationalisation & standardisation and realise the first 5%!

Datum: 06/2020

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Webinar with Flexera

» Normalise technical asset data «

In this presentation, John Sorensen from Flexera provides insight into and exemplifies how IT organisations have leveraged Flexera’s solutions to normalise technical asset data and then enrich that data.

Datum: 12/2019

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Webinar Oracle

» How to start the new year fresh & inspired? «

Since you are always busy determining your Oracle compliance position, we will shed some light on new and already-known stumbling blocks of Oracle license management.

Date: 06/2019

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Webinar with Flexera

» Webinar How to get a grip on your SaaS spend? «

Learn more on how to get grip and visibility on SaaS usage and learn about SaaS application trends and challenges organisations face with SaaS Management.

Date: 03/2019

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Webinar with ServiceNow

» Maximize IT Efficiency with SAM on a Single Platform «

Embed SAM in everyday IT 
management with ServiceNow SAM. Which critical SAM functions and processes are there?

Date: 07/2018

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Webinar with Flexera

» Flexera Data Platform: How to incorporate it into your SAM Strategy? «

Make yourself invaluable for Security, IT, Service Management and Finance. Learn how to, with the Flexera Data Platform.

Date: 09/2018

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Webinar with Snow

» Building the House of SAM® and automate your SAM processes «

Automate your SAM processes with the House of SAM® - together with the Snow Automation Platform.

Date: 05/2018

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Webinar with AirTrack

» Making sure your data sources are 
complete «

Hear more about the necessity of data verification and how AirTrack will help you connect the dots between all your data sources.

Date: 08/2017

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