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On demand webinars

ServiceNow, Softline & Anglepoint on

» Technology Asset Management «

  • What leading ITAM consultants like Anglepoint and Softline Group are seeing in the market
  • How to align an ITAM program with C-level objectives and initiatives
  • What to do for budget increases and improve ITAM program maturity
  • Why a single platform is the leading indicator to reduce costs and improve quality of IT service
  • The benefits of elevating ITAM maturity through automation for any type of asset in any IT estate

Date: 01/2022


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Cloud Management & ITAM

» What are the challenges and opportunities when it comes to Cloud Management & ITAM? «

  • ITAM perspective shift
  • Cloud technology definitions
  • Cloud Discovery
  • How to keep costs, savings, program & process under control 

Date: 12/2021


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Softline & Flexera webinar

» 3 different perspectives on the outcomes of the State of ITAM report «

  • ITAM team composition and reporting structures
  • Responsibilities of ITAM, SAM and hardware asset management teams
  • Areas of past and future focus
  • Challenges introduced by the evolving hybrid IT landscape
  • Industry trends

Date: 11/2021


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The Software Portfolio Drives the Digital Transformation

» The Software Portfolio Drives the Digital Transformation «

  • The crucial function of ITAM as a driver of digital transformation
  • Successful optimization of functions for effective license positions
  • Best practices for audit exposure mitigation

Date: 10/2021


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Look at savings in a more strategic way!

» Look at savings in a more strategic way, don't settle for small savings! «

  • Prioritising your savings
  • Moving to a more strategic savings model
  • Cloud is not the only way to optimise

Date: 10/2021


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Azure & Cloud Spend webinar

» Managing Azure and Optimising your Cloud Spend 2021 «

  • What challenges are you facing managing your Azure resources?
  • What do you need to take into consideration to manage Azure properly and to optimise your Cloud spend
  • How can ServiceNow SAM (Cloud Insights) help you to optimise and reduce Cloud spend all together?

Date: 10/2021


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ServiceNow & Softline webinars

Watch the webinar(s) of your choice and learn more about licensing in ServiceNow SAM!

  • Azure
  • IBM
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle 
  • Salesforce
  • SAP
  • VMware

Date: 10/2021


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Session: Application Portfolio Management

» Application Portfolio Management: more than an enabler «

Watch this FREE on-demand session and learn more about how Application Portfolio Management can be more than an enabler! We look at this with compliance as a starting point. (session is in Dutch)

Date: 07/2020

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Solution Spotlight Session: IT Asset Visibility

» IT Asset Visibility «

Watch this FREE on-demand session and learn more about how to achieve IT Asset Visibility: from creating trustworthy data, to continuous improvement and looking at this from a technological perspective.

Datum: 06/2020

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Solution Spotlight Session: SaaS Management

» SaaS Management with ServiceNow - saving costs «

“Organisations can save up to 30% in software costs within the first year of implementing a SAM solution”, according to Gartner. During this session we illustrate the ServiceNow NowPlatform capabilities around SaaS Management.

Datum: 06/2020

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Solutions Spotlight Session: Application Rationalisation

» Kickstarting Application Standardisation and Rationalisation using ServiceNow «

How far are you implementing the seven categories of cost savings potential, stated by Gartner, worth 30% of your entire software spend? Start with application rationalisation & standardisation and realise the first 5%!

Datum: 06/2020

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Webinar with Flexera

» Normalise technical asset data «

In this presentation, John Sorensen from Flexera provides insight into and exemplifies how IT organisations have leveraged Flexera’s solutions to normalise technical asset data and then enrich that data.

Datum: 12/2019

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Webinar Oracle

» How to start the new year fresh & inspired? «

Since you are always busy determining your Oracle compliance position, we will shed some light on new and already-known stumbling blocks of Oracle license management.

Date: 06/2019

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Webinar with Flexera

» Webinar How to get a grip on your SaaS spend? «

Learn more on how to get grip and visibility on SaaS usage and learn about SaaS application trends and challenges organisations face with SaaS Management.

Date: 03/2019

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Webinar with ServiceNow

» Maximize IT Efficiency with SAM on a Single Platform «

Embed SAM in everyday IT 
management with ServiceNow SAM. Which critical SAM functions and processes are there?

Date: 07/2018

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Webinar with Flexera

» Flexera Data Platform: How to incorporate it into your SAM Strategy? «

Make yourself invaluable for Security, IT, Service Management and Finance. Learn how to, with the Flexera Data Platform.

Date: 09/2018

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Webinar with Snow

» Building the House of SAM® and automate your SAM processes «

Automate your SAM processes with the House of SAM® - together with the Snow Automation Platform.

Date: 05/2018

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Webinar with AirTrack

» Making sure your data sources are 
complete «

Hear more about the necessity of data verification and how AirTrack will help you connect the dots between all your data sources.

Date: 08/2017

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