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Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management (SAM) provides insight into your software assets, whereby you can take measures to achieve software license compliance and avoid unnecessary costs. With the industry’s move from Software Asset Management (SAM) to IT Asset Management, introducing the ISO/IEC 19770:2017 standard for ITAM, the scope of Asset Management expended. Trends like hardware converting to software create a very thin line between these two. This move also has an effect on SAM tool providers. Their focus has shifted to offering technology to manage assets, instead of offering a tool solely focusing on managing and controlling the use of software licenses. Services should be part of the Asset Managers' scope as well. Covering all “As a Service” (XaaS) IT components becomes even more important in the upcoming years since many Publishers try to move organisations to their cloud environment and a variety of hybrid or multicloud solutions will occur. 

Increasing the scope: adding services

It is not just developments within a theoretical ISO standard that forces Asset Managers to shift their focus to services. In a quest to move from re-active Asset Management to pro-active risk management, ITAM specialists should "claim their place at the table" when strategic or tactical decisions are made regarding services throughout their life cycle. This change in mindset allows IT Asset Managers to reach out to other functions within organisations and move to higher levels of maturity and agility.    

Implementing IT Asset Management

Based on the ISO/IEC standard for ITAM, Softline has developed the House of ITAM®. Even though this step by step approach is visualised as a house, it is not set in stone. Depending on what goals and objectives your organisation has, specific building blocks can be implemented to help you reach that goal. Read more about the Softline step by step approach to learn how we can help you achieving Compliance, Control & Cost savings for your IT.   

Why Softline ?

Softline is Europe's leading international and independent Software & IT Asset Management expert and helps organisations to achieve Compliance, Control and Cost savings. With the use of the House of ITAM®, the implementation of Software & IT Asset Management is part of a long term strategy with short term, (corresponding) goals. The step by step approach is tried and tested, build around hundreds of SAM & ITAM projects, and is a translation of the ISO/IEC 19770 - 1: 2017 standard for ITAM, visualised as a house that is build on a solid and standard foundation. Learn more about the ISO/IEC management system.

Softline is an award winning organisation and trusted implementation partner for Flexera, ServiceNow, Snow Software & Tanium.  

Why choose

When setting up Software & IT Asset Management within an organisation, it is important to have a reliable and specialised partner assisting you. Softline is the leading independent European SAM / ITAM expert. This offers you the advantage of having access to highly experienced ITAM consultants and an approach that is completely based on best practices.

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