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Step-by-step approach to ITAM maturity

By setting up IT Asset Management (ITAM), of which Software Asset Management is a part, an organisation realises (license) compliance, they gain control over their IT environment and they can make cost savings transparent and implement them. When an organisation wants to achieve a higher level of ITAM maturity, it is important to determine which parts of the complex set of ITAM activities have already been set up, which have not yet been set up and how they (will) work together.

To help organisations with this, Softline has developed a step-by-step approach based on more than 10 years of practical experience in implementing, monitoring and executing strategic, tactical and operational ITAM processes that can be deployed in a modular way. Based on the ISO/IEC standard for ITAM and best practices emerging from hundreds of customer cases, a pragmatic approach has been developed with the aim of helping organisations achieve the goals set according to the plan and schedule they have in mind. An approach that has made Softline a market leader.

Modular and pragmatic approach

The ITAM Assessment identifies strengths and weaknesses in the current practical implementation of ITAM. Following on from the ITAM Assessment, a realistic ITAM Strategy is defined for the long term with a clear vision, objectives, scope and multi-year planning. Attention is paid to what short-term milestones need to be achieved in order to achieve the long-term organisational objectives.

The method developed by Softline to arrive at a Strategic ITAM Plan is a result of years of hands-on experience in ITAM implementations and results in:

  • Insight into the current situation (“As-Is”);
  • Insight into the desired future situation (“To-Be”) including goals with regard to the desired maturity, set over a period of three years;
  • Business case with insight into the one-off investment and the run costs and revenues of ITAM;
  • Elaborated FTE model (developed by Softline) with all the personnel required to carry out the ITAM activities.

Because every organisation is different and has different objectives that they want to achieve, Softline offers a modular approach.

Best practice ITAM Assessment

The Best Practice ITAM Assessment is based on best practices that have emerged from hundreds of national and international customer cases, combined with the most important and relevant parts of the ISO/IEC 19770-1:2017 standard for ITAM. This makes stakeholders aware of the importance of ITAM in a very pragmatic way, while at the same time providing quick insight into the current status of ITAM within the organisation and where its long-term ambitions lie. 

“As-Is” and “To-Be” ITAM Assessment

In order to create a clear ITAM strategy, it is important to analyse the current situation (As-Is). Set against the future desired situation and the ambitions of the organisation, it becomes clear which steps must be taken to achieve these objectives. The “As-Is” ITAM Assessment is established on the basis of practical and interactive workshops.

In the strategy workshop, the desired future situation is made clear. Which technical implementation(s) should take place when? Which software publishers fall within or outside the scope? Which software publishers have priority over others? And, which processes within the ISO standard should be completed, and in what timeframe? 

The end result is a detailed ITAM multi-year plan. In order to ensure that the right awareness and image around ITAM is created and it's well supported within the organsiation, various stakeholders are involved.

Tip: ITAM activities - How do you keep an overview?

ITAM has become more than just checking license positions and buying software. With an increasing workload, it can be quite difficult to keep an overview of your ITAM activities. A well-functioning ITAM calendar can help!

Read how an ITAM calendar can help

Based on the ISO/IEC standard

The ISO/IEC standard forms an accepted theoretical framework which makes it easy to connect with any other (international) business unit where processes are set up on the basis of an ISO/IEC standard. In addition, this approach also offers the possibility to benchmark ITAM processes at an (inter)national level.

The ISO/IEC standard offers the possibility to safeguard processes, thereby proving, among other things, that the ITAM implementation meets the objectives of Corporate Governance. In general, software publishers also recognise, acknowledge and accept the value of ITAM processes that are set up on the basis of ISO/IEC.

Read more about the tiered ISO/IEC standard.

ITAM Business Case: the ROI

Together with one of the experts from Softline, the return of investment (ROI) is calculated during a practical workshop, based on the desired “to-be” situation. What are the long-term savings when the ITAM multi-year plan is rolled out? How do these relate to the (personnel) costs of the ITAM operation? And which other investments are related to the multi-year ITAM plan?

Using the FTE model specially developed by Softline, together with the prognosed required investments and the running costs, the business case is created. Fully based on the specific short and long-term set organisational objectives. If it turns out that the ambitions of the organisation are higher than the capacity available within the ITAM team, decisions can be made to either expand the team (internally or externally) or to adjust the ambitions. Read more about SAM Managed services, or take a look at success stories of other organisations.  

Strategic ITAM multi-year plan

The insight gained during the interactive and above all pragmatic "as-is" and "to-be" ITAM Assessment workshops, converted into a (financial) business case, provides clarity and unambiguity about the ITAM maturity ambitions of the organisation and the growth path to be followed. The established ITAM multi-year plan, with short-term activities and set milestones, provides organisations with tools to give practical substance to the implementation of ITAM.  Get to know the impact on your organisation and team when increasing your ITAM maturity, with our ITAM Maturity on-demand.

If it turns out that the ambitions of the organisation are higher than the work that can be invested within the ITAM team, Softline's expert team offers managed services to help organisation achieving their ambitions. 

To learn more about how to simplify internal communication around the ITAM (process) implementation, read the "TIP of the WEEK"- 3: Create awareness when you want to implement SAM successfully. And this "TIP of the WEEK"- 44: Create business awareness for ITAM, to learn more about how you can bring the discussion to the table around topics like financial risk and optimisation of IT spend. 

Top 6 tips om succesvol ITAM te implementeren - Deel 1

De hoogtepunten van dit paper:

  • SAM onder de aandacht brengen
  • Onboarding voorbereiden
  • Continuous improvement & ITAM
  • Een SAM / ITAM tool implementeren
  • Het belang van een strategisch ITAM plan
  • Tunnelvisie voorkomen met discovery
Download deel 1

Top 6 Tips on successfully implementing ITAM - Vol. 1

Highlights of this eBook:

  • Creating awareness for SAM
  • Preparing for Onboarding
  • Continuous improvement & ITAM
  • Implementing A SAM / ITAM tool
  • The importance of a Strategic ITAM plan
  • Countering tunnel vision with discovery
Download Vol. 1

Top 6 tips om succesvol ITAM te implementeren - Deel 2

In dit paper komen de volgende onderwerpen aan bod: 

  • IT Asset Managers, claim je plek aan tafel bij portfolio boards!
  • Bereken het benodigde aantal FTE' s voor de volgende stap in ITAM maturity
  • Processen eerst!
  • Neem niet te veel hooi op de vork – zeg nope and scope
  • ITAM is geen project!
  • Een 4-staps communicatieplan om ITAM buy-in veilig te stellen


Download deel 2

Top 6 tips on successfully implementing ITAM - Vol. 2

In this eBook you'll learn:

  • IT Asset Managers, claim your seat at the table in portfolio boards!
  • Calculate the amount of FTE needed before taking the next step in ITAM maturity
  • Processes first!
  • Don’t bite off more than you can chew – say nope and scope
  • ITAM is not a project!
  • A 4-stage communication plan to ensure ITAM buy-in!




Download vol. 2

Top 6 tips on successfully implementing ITAM - Vol. 3

Highlights of volume 3:

  • Use ISO for better alignment & integration
  • Determine the financial impact of your scope
  • Use PDCA-cycles to achieve continuous improvement in ITAM
  • ITAM processes, ITAM tooling & cost savings
  • Create business awareness for ITAM
  • Software Publisher Onboarding




Download vol. 3

Step by Step approach


By setting up IT Asset Management (ITAM), of which Software Asset Management is a part of, an organisation realises (license) compliance, they gain control over their IT environment and they can create cost savings transparancy and implement accordingly.


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