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ITAM & SAM eBooks

ITAM & SAM eBooks

The experts at Softline share their knowledge and expertise with one goal: to help mature our customers in order for them to reach their goals. That’s why our motto is "Achieving Compliance, Control & Cost savings for your IT". Download our free eBooks or visit our Knowledge Base to learn even more about ITAM & SAM.

Improvement levers for maximum ITAM cost savings

Achieve up to 30% IT cost savings with these quick wins and other optimisation possibilities.

eBook Highlights:

  • Improvement lever category: IT Architecture
  • Improvement lever category: IT Service Management
  • Improvement lever category: Cloud
  • Takeaways
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The Software Portfolio drives the Digital Transformation

How can Software Asset Management contribute to support the Digital Transformation of companies?

  • Digital Transformation & influence on SAM & ITAM
  • IT Management disciplines addressing Digital Transformation and how SAM & ITAM can help
  • How Softline Group & LeanIX help organisations on their Digital Transformation Journey
  • Approach to Application Portfolio Management
  • Examples directly from the field
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Actively manage your SAP licenses

Find the answers to your SAP related questions:

  • Why should you manage your SAP?
  • How to go about SAM?
  • How to reduce this complexity?
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Top 5 Tips on Reducing Costs with ITAM (vol. 2)

What you'll learn:

  • Save costs on SAP licensing by using validated information
  • Consider using Spot Virtual Machines
  • Reclaim unused licenses using Tanium
  • No ITAM processes or ITAM tooling = missing out on cost savings!
  • Stop wasting money on licenses when decommissioning Asssets using ServiceNow SAM
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Top 4 Tips on Reducing Costs with ITAM (vol. 1)

What you'll learn:

  • Reclaim unused licenses with ServiceNow SAM
  • Be aware of Microsoft 365 "hidden" non-compliance
  • ITAM pay-off prevents lay-off
  • New pricing for Office 365 and Microsoft 365
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Optimising Cloud Spend & Managing Azure in ServiceNow SAM

Highlights of this eBook:

  1. What challenges are you facing managing your Azure resources?
  2. What do you need to take into consideration to manage Azure properly and to optimise your Cloud spend
  3. How can ServiceNow SAM (Cloud Insights) help you to optimise and reduce Cloud spend all together?
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Look at savings in a more strategic way, don't settle for small savings!

Do you want to realise  cost savings on your IT spend? Application Portfolio Management offers you a number of opportunities to achieve those savings. 

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The Most Common Myths About the Public Cloud

Cloud insights: The Most Common Myths About the Public Cloud. For many people, Cloud is still difficult to fathom. But what are the most common myths, and what is the real deal? Read all about the most common myths around Cloud and learn how to deal with them.

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Top 6 Tips on Implementing ITAM vol. 1, 2 & 3

Download all three volumes to learn how to successfully implement and mature SAM & ITAM

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The five most notorious misconceptions on SaaS

In this eBook we discuss the 5 most notorious misconceptions on SaaS. Request the eBook to learn how to tackle them:

  1. SaaS is not a problem; we know exactly which SaaS applications are used
  2. SaaS is not a problem; our IT spend will go down anyway
  3. SaaS is not a problem; we cannot be incompliant anyway
  4. SaaS is not a problem; the SaaS applications are managed by the business
  5. SaaS is not a problem; our data is stored securely
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Containers & Software: easy to move, hard to trace?

Find out what Software Containers exactly are and which challenges they bring.

  • Containers vs. Virtual Machines
  • Use & detection of software containers
  • Challenges of using software containers
  • ITAM tooling possibilities 
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This is why existing ServiceNow ITSM customers should use ServiceNow SAM

  • Achieve Compliance, Control & Cost savings by implementing, managing and continuously improving SAM & ITAM in a structured manner
  • Mapping the benefits of SAM Pro to the floors of the Softline House of ITAM®
  • ServiceNow SAM Pro: one of the leaders in the Gartner Magic Quadrant
  • Realising cost savings by implementing the 7 categories of potential savings, defined by Gartner
  • Application Portfolio Management: implementing one of the seven Gartner potential savings elements
  • SaaS Management: realising cost savings by optimising SaaS spend and usage
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Tackle your strategic IT goals for 2021 with IT Asset Data!

  • COVID-19 vs. CIO Agenda 2021
  • Changing dynamics
  • Gartner® key activities to accelerate digital business
  • Frameworks (processes), people and technology
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IT Asset visibility: How asset discovery can help you with your strategic ITAM plan

  • The importance of a Strategic ITAM plan
  • What exactly is an IT Asset?
  • Setting the stage for a sound discussion on scoping
  • Countering tunnel vision with discovery tooling
  • See your cost savings potential using your own data
  • Reduce software costs with Application Portfolio Management
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APM: Application Rationalisation and Standardisation

  • Identifying the key topics
  • Creating the technology portfolio with the help of discovery and normalisation
  • Identifying potential rationalisation/standardisation candidates
  • Transparency in the lifecycle of portfolio
  • Making well informed strategic decisions
  • Tracking progress on the realisation of savings
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