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Online Privacy statement


The Softline Group Northern Europe Online Privacy Statement applies to all Softline Group Northern Europe websites. Below you will find some of the important key points of the statement.

You can find the privacy policy of Softline AG here.

Personal data

  • We collect your personal data for multiple uses, like processing your requests, communicating
    with you, or handling job applications.

  • We can combine the information we collected from you with information received from other
    sources. This way, we can improve the overall accuracy and completeness of the information,
    and we can better tailor our contact with you to your needs.

  • Furthermore, we can collect information regarding your use of our websites, specifically for
    functional and analytical purposes. For this, we use several techniques, among which cookies.

What will your personal data be used for

  • For processing your requests, by ourselves or by others involved in the processing.

  • For entering into contact with you, for customer satisfaction surveys or market research, or
    regarding a specific request you made.

  • As support for products or services you have purchased.

  • For marketing purposes.

  • For tailoring your interaction with our websites, and for compile statistics regarding the use of

Your options

  • If we collect your data, you can let us know that you do not want these to be used for further
    marketing purposes.

  • Moreover, you can disable the use of cookies in your browser.

  • For more information about our Privacy Statement, you can consult the Softline Group Northern Europe Online Privacy Statement.

Contact us

Questions about this Statement or about the way Softline Group Northern Europe handles your data can be addressed
to:, or

Softline Solutions Netherlands B.V.
Coltbaan 33
3439 NG Nieuwegein


If, in the future, you do not want to receive Softline Group Northern Europe marketing information any more, or if you wish to update your preferences regarding the specified content, please click the link “update preferences” that is included in every Softline Group Northern Europe marketing email.

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