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ITAM Optimisation

Softline developed the House of ITAM®, based on the tiered model of the ISO/IEC 19770-1:2017 standard for ITAM, combined with best practices coming from hundreds of implementations. When an organisation increases in ITAM maturity, they are able to achieve Compliance, Control & Cost savings for their IT. Tier three within the tiered model is called “optimisation”. When certain parts within the House of ITAM® are implemented, organisations are able to realise cost savings structurally. 

Implementing tier three: Optimisation

The optimisation of ITAM (tier 3) includes achieving greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness through alignment with other functions. The focus lies on the contractual and financial side of IT assets. 

Contract Management

The objective of the Contract management process is to manage relationships with external parties and ensure optimal contracts for IT assets and services in scope. This process includes ensuring the most optimal terms and conditions (beyond those for license compliance), to facilitate cost savings and timely contract renewal preparations.

IT Asset Management can deliver strategic information on software publishers, existing contracts with these publishers, their applicable terms & conditions and licensing possibilities. IT Asset Managers can also assist in detecting pitfalls within current contracts, provide advice on metrics to be used to measure (license) usage and provide insight in technical- and license roadmaps of a publisher.

As an example one can think of any form of hybrid use rights included within the terms & conditions of a specific contract. All software publishers have their own set of rules and requirements set related to both on-premises software and the variety of cloud solutions they offer. These rules have an effect on the organisation and potentially have room for optimisations. 

Financial Management

The objective of the Financial Management for ITAM process concerns budgeting and accounting for IT assets and ensuring that relevant financial information is instantly available for financial reporting. Including calculations such as total cost of ownership, cost-effectiveness and benefits tracking.

Service Level Management

The objective of the Service Level Management process is to define, register and manage essential levels of service related to ITAM and IT assets in scope. This is mainly interesting for organisations that offer services to other departments within their own organisation, or to their external customers. 

Managing and optimising the Cloud

Regardless where you operate, which company, branch or country, there are countless options to bring your IT assets to the cloud. Recording, optimising (meaning rightsizing) and managing your Platform as a Service (PaaS) and your Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) environment will bring a new set of challenges to the ITAM team. Regarding cloud infrastructures, the focus of ITAM shifts from compliance towards Cloud Consumption Management & Optimisation. While only up to 20% of enterprise applications are cloud based at present, a strong move towards the cloud is to be expected the upcoming years. This increasing shift towards cloud-based solutions means your ITAM processes will need to become even more finely tuned and nuanced to be ready for the wave coming. 


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