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Technical Health Check: how healthy is your SAM environment?

  • Would you like to assure yourself and your organisation that the information you are getting from your SAM tool is based on the correct inventory data and data sources?

  • Would you like to know if all connections are in fact working as they should and what possibilities there would be to get more out of the tool?

When installing and implementing your SAM tool and underlying processes, you created the right environment to realise the main goal: getting full insight in and overview of your software license compliance. Which licenses does your organisation have, what is installed and where, and is the software actually used?

But can you actually rely on the data that is shown? 

Experience tells us that, over time, the original installations and configurations are no longer 100% in line with the current environment. The result is incorrect information and missing data.

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The health check consists of three simple steps:

Softline has certified consultants, who have multiple years of experience in installing, implementing and maintaining a SAM tool in all kinds of environments. In organisations with only one single server on site, as well as in highly complicated and high security international environments with links to various datacentres and operating companies.

Request Softline Technical Health Check, including a report with issues, findings and clearly defined recommendations to help your organisation get the most out of the investments you have already made.

Thee Technical Health Check:
three simple steps

- Analysis of the current technical design

- A deep dive into the infrastructure:

  application server,

  beacon server(s) / gateway server(s),

  connectors to various data sources.

- Presentation of the Health Check and findings to your organisation,
and answer any questions on the findings

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