Introduction into FinOps

Cloud has become an accepted phenomenon within organisations, industries, and even society. IT departments have adopted the various cloud technologies like IaaS and PaaS for benefits like scalability and maintainability. Whilst the “business” embraces SaaS, because of the speed (or high availability) these solutions bring. With the introduction of these new technologies, also new ways of paying for these services were introduced, and ask for different management.

Although Cloud Cost Management and Optimization has been a well-known definition for a long time, FinOps is the term that is used now a days. FinOps is a methodology developed by the FinOps. Foundation, which is part of the Linux Foundation. The methodology describes three different phases: Inform, Optimize, and Operate. The phases are designed to drive the optimisation with different capabilities within each of the phases. In its turn can be executed on three different maturity levels:

This makes the implementation of FinOps possible for ANY organisation. Despite the maturity, the size, and the complexity. This process will of course be easier with a specialist to guide you through your FinOps journey.

Strategic Approach to Success

Softline & Flexera webinar: FinOps & Cloud Cost Optimisation

Your Digital Transformation will probably lead you to the Cloud. But before you get there, there are some questions to address!

  • How to decide which applications to modernize?

  • How do you manage all your Cloud resources and keep your license compliancy?

  • And what do you do when suddenly your Cloud budget is almost gone? How do you stay in control of the invoices you received from your Hyperscaler or even multiple Hyperscalers?

  • Do you know what is being used, if it is rightsized or if all assets are tagged?

Here is where Flexera One Cloud Cost Optimisation and Softline’s Application Modernization Program can guide you. Join our webinar, and hear all about it!

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FinOps vs. ITAM

Get to know more about the three phases of the FinOps lifecycle and how they support ITAM in the Cloud. 

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FinOps Services

Softline has developed a hands-on and easy to understand approach to drive the optimisation, that fits the maturity level of ANY organisation.

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FinOps Tooling

Learn more about the different technology that can be used from any of our strategic partners.

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Knowledge Base

Find interesting articles and webinars on FinOps and Cloud Cost Optimisation in our Knowledge Base 

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