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FinOps Services

Being able to effectively manage Cloud Cost and drive optimisation and implementing a well-structured approach for FinOps, that not only fit your maturity level, but also start reaching your goals quickly, needs a helping hand.

Softline has developed a hands-on and easy to understand approach based on the methodology developed by the FinOps Foundation (part of the Linux Foundation). It is built on three different phases that are designed to drive the optimisation, that fit the maturity level of ANY organisation.

Wherever your maturity in the area of FinOps is, Softline is there to support you:

1. Create awareness

Workshop Intro to FinOps

Created to help raise awareness for FinOps with the different stakeholders:

  • Executives, such as a VP/Head of Infrastructure, Head of Cloud Center of Excellence, CTO, or CIO, focus on driving accountability and building transparency, ensuring teams are being efficient, and not exceeding budgets.
  • These participants are usually Business and Product Owner team members, such as a Director of Cloud Optimization, Cloud Analyst, or Business Operations Manager.
  • Engineers and Ops team members, such as Lead Software Engineers, Principal Systems Engineers, Cloud Architects, Service Delivery Managers, Engineering Managers, or Directors of Platform Engineering, focus on building and supporting services for the organization.
  • Finance and procurement team members, including Technology Procurement Managers, Global Technology Procurement, Financial Planning and Analyst Managers, and Financial Business Advisors

Workshop SAM and FinOps

In a workshop specifically created for SAM Manager, we will discuss how SAM and FinOps can be integrated to get the most benefits for the organisation.

3. Build FinOps


Implement the capabilities on the maturity level as desired including all artifacts needed in the execution of the task.


The amount of data that needs to be analysed on a frequent basis is very large. Technology is therefore an important part of the FinOps implementation. Depending on the desired maturity level, different technology can be used, made available by the hyperscalers or third parties.


Any process and tool are only as good as the people operating these. Therefore, a lot of time and focus needs to be given to enable the FinOps team on the different aspects coming to play.

2. Design FinOps


A lot of organisations already perform regular activities that fit to one or more of the FinOps capabilities within one or more parts of the organisation. By performing an assessment, the maturity on each of the capabilities in the whole organisation is determined.  This gives the fundament to plan next steps.


The insight gained during the assessment provides clarity and unambiguity about the organisation's ITAM maturity ambitions and the growth path to be followed. The established FinOps multi-year plan, with short-term activities and milestones, offers organisations tools to give practical shape to the implementation of FinOps. 

4. Run FinOps

Full managed service

Softline can run FinOps for you as a full managed service tightly integrated in your organisation or backfill your team with expert in each of the phases: Inform, Optimize, and Operate.

Drive maturing

The real benefits from FinOps come from the higher maturity levels. Therefore we drive our customers to mature from crawl to walk and from walk to run.


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FinOps tooling

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