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Trustworthy Data: Key to achieving Compliance, Control and Cost savings

Nowadays most organisations use SAM & ITAM tools to support their IT Asset Management processes. These tools help the license manager or IT Asset Manager by automating a bulk of the administrative work, such as identifying and normalising software titles, converting license purchases into license entitlements, and linking these entitlements to the normalised installations.

However, the output coming from the ITAM tools are only as good as the data that comes in. This same goes for all the reports and, most important, the advice derived from the License Position Reports that are also based on the output of this data. Ergo, trustworthy data is the basis of your ITAM structure, and the foundation to achieve Compliance, Control & Cost savings.

Trustworthy data in the House of ITAM®

Trustworthy data is the first tier of the ISO/IEC 19770-1 standard for ITAM, and as such, forms the fundament of your ITAM structure. The Softline House of ITAM® is a translation of this ISO standard. Tier 1 focuses on accumulating trustworthy data on software and (related) hardware, the organisation, licenses and contracts. It corresponds with the first step of ITAM maturity: Compliance. 

The four building blocks within this first tier:

Data management

Ensuring that required data about all core IT assets in scope is accurately registered, throughout the asset life cycle and whether they are authorised or not. This process includes registration and, not to be forgotten, verification activities.  

You can learn more about the proper way to onboard software publishers here. In line with this, there are many "Tips of the Week" published around how to reach trustworthy data. Also learn more about IT Asset Visibility, why it is important and what steps to take, via the multiple on-demands Softline has published on this topic.

License management

The organisation shall ensure that licenses are configured in line with the registered entitlement data throughout the license life cycle, reconciliations are conducted and assessed periodically and active follow up is provided. With the Softline SAMmanaged services, we help organisations operate their ITAM process in the most effective and cost efficient manner. Also learn more on how to prepare for audits, including the added value of the audit runbook.  

Change management

Risks associated with any planned changes, permanent or temporary, that can have an impact on achieving ITAM objectives. The change need to be assessed before a change is implemented. The organisation shall ensure that such risks are managed and not exposed to unforeseen costs. See how tooling can help you with change impact projection functionality. 

Security management

The organisation shall manage security effectively within all ITAM activities and shall support the security approval requirements related to ITAM, for all IT assets in scope; and conduct periodic verification of compliance with security requirements, such as End of Service Life information or known vulnerabilities. 

Softline & Flexera webinar on Data Quality & IT Asset Visibility

Trustworthy data is the foundation for achieving Compliance, Control & Cost savings. In this webinar John Sorensen (Flexera) & Jan van Kalkeren (Softline) will take you through the challenges that are identified and presented in the State of the ITAM 2022 report, the State of the Cloud 2022 report as well as the Tech Spend Pulse 2022. Click here to request the webinar

Vendor onboarding

Vendor onboarding is the whole process of interpreting, registering, and modelling license entitlements into an ITAM tool. Its goal is to gain an accurate and complete register of all its entitlements, so an organisation can manage the publisher at all times.

ITAM Tool Health Check: is your data accurate?

With an ITAM Tool Health Check, an organisation can ensure whether the data they make their decisions on is accurate and actual. In other words, is it trustworthy data? Experience shows that, over time, original installations and configurations are no longer 100% in line with the current environment. The result is incorrect information and missing data. Softline’s ITAM Tool Health Check encompasses an analysis of the current technical design and a deep dive into an organisation’s infrastructure, establishing how healthy an ITAM environment really is.

Are you prepared for audits?

Entering a review or audit unprepared not only demands a lot of resources, but may also result in unpleasant (financial) surprises. Such consequences can be prevented by a complete insight into the software license compliance status. For this, organisations need to be sure that the data they rely upon, is trustworthy data. Therefore, always be prepared for audits.

SAM Managed Services

Softline support organisations in setting up ITAM processes according to the ISO/IEC standard 19770-1:2017 for ITAM and in-house developed best-practices coming from hundreds of ITAM projects. With Gartner's Magic Quadrant for “Software Asset Management Managed Services”, they help the market make an informed decision on the SAM Managed Services Provider that fits an organisation best. The 2021 Gartner report recognises Softline as Challenger.

Read more about Softline's SAM Managed Services

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Trustworthy data is the first tier of the ISO/IEC 19770-1 standard for ITAM, and as such, forms the fundament of your ITAM structure. 


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