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IT Asset Visibility

Since trustworthy data is the basis of your ITAM structure, it is key to have your data complete, accurate and up to date. However, some tools only cover part of your IT asset data. And, you can’t manage what you don’t know!

You might be using an ITAM tool to determine the usage of software and to get information about the hardware it is being used on. This tool is probably fed by multiple data sources including the CMDB, which is also fed by multiple data sources as well. But how do you know what the actual coverage is? Do you have a (hardware) verification process in place? And, is it a “one-off” or a secured and repeating process? But most of all, how sure are you that your “golden records on IT assets” isn’t just a collection of old and incomplete data?

Important steps towards high quality & trustworthy data

In order to achieve high quality – or trustworthy – data, organisations need to have proper IT asset discovery and verification in place. After all, they form the basis for complete IT Asset Visibility, which – in its turn – is an imperative for trustworthy data.  


Data discovery: Gathering all the data

All ITAM tools need information from the infrastructure about installed software, the usage of the software and information about the hardware this software is being used on. This data is the ‘fuel’ for all of your ITAM process, and most likely all of your IT processes. 

Data verification

Verification is one of the most important ITAM processes. Because any white spots or unknowns pose a serious threat to the trustworthiness of the data. With a well-implemented IT asset visibility process, organisations can fill in those white spots. This also means that verification is not just a “one-off project”, but a process that needs to be secured and repeated on a frequent basis. 

Benefits of automating the verification process:  

  • Automate the generation of a reconciled, normalised active asset list
  • Identify active objects that aren’t being managed effectively (e.g. assets that exist but not present in asset databases
  • Improve operational efficiencies and use of existing management toolsets  (e.g. SCCM, CMDB, Active Directory, etc.)
  • Identified potential security risks of unmanaged assets
  • Improve customer experience & confidence in data quality of critical systems including ITAM, ITSM, HR, Finance, etc
  • Save $$$ and reduce the risk of non-compliance

IT Asset Visibility with Tanium

The Tanium platform provides a single platform solution to deliver the trustworthy data for SAM and all of your IT Service Management processes in the CMDB. It enables an organisation to gain full visibility into all endpoints on the network, even across the largest and most complex networks.

Next to the information being collected about hardware and software, installed and used, the connections between the different systems and applications are also collected. This so-called vertical discovery is crucial information to have in the CMDB, the so-called Business Services. The strength of the Tanium platform comes from the fact that information is not only collected, but can also be put in action for software license re-harvesting, software policy enforcements and swift responding to threats in the infrastructure.

So, the combined power of Softline and Tanium will not only help clients gain valuable insights into the current state of their endpoints, but will also help organisations manage cyber threats.

Download our free eBook “Discovery and verification, important steps towards high data quality” if you want to know more. Or, if you want us to identify your compliance risks in only a few hours, you can request a special IT Asset Visibility Assessment.

IT Asset Visibility with Flexera

Moving into the digital enterprise, organisations encounter a sprawling tech landscape that is intricate and dynamic, with thousands of applications and services scattered across hundreds of providers. You can’t effectively manage it without complete, accurate and up-to-date visibility into every technology asset in the landscape, from on-premises to private and public cloud.

Since trustworthy data is the basis of your ITAM structure, it is of key importance that this data is complete. Learn more about Flexera’s IT visibility, an analysis tool that offers comprehensive visibility into your IT environment to help you:

  • View your application portfolio at a high level
  • Identify and rationalise software sprawl
  • Mitigate end-of-life risk

To get started with Flexera’s IT Visibility, Softline offers organisations a Proof of Concept (POC)



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IT Asset Visibility


Since trustworthy data is the basis of your ITAM structure, it is key to have your data complete, accurate and up to date. 


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