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ITAM Tool Health Check: how healthy is your ITAM environment?

Are you sure your ITAM tooling is performing as it should? 

When installing and implementing their ITAM tool and underlying processes, organisations create the right environment to realise their main goal: getting full insight in and overview of their software license compliance position. Which licenses does the organisation have, what is installed and where, and is the software really used? But can you actually rely on the data that is shown?

Experience shows that, over time, the original installations and configurations are no longer 100% in line with the current environment. The result is incorrect information and missing data.

Softline’s ITAM Tool Health Check

Softline consultants have more than a decade of 100% hands-on experience in large enterprise environments and complex infrastructures. This experience has been translated into a unique ITAM Tool Health Check that evaluates your implementation of your ITAM tooling against our best practices. It will provide organisations with advice and actionable recommendations on, for example:

  • Enhancement, optimisation and configuration of the ITAM tool;
  • Ensuring data sources are feeding correctly into your ITAM tool;
  • Connecting additional data sources and/or infrastructures to your ITAM tool;
  • Regular health checks to increase your ITAM tool performance.

The ITAM Tool Health Check will take up a limited amount of an organisation’s time in providing the necessary credentials to look into the system and providing the technical documents.

Technical Health Check

The Technical Health Check evaluates the implementation and configuration of the tool within your infrastructure, including the working of the out-of-the box and custom connections to data sources:

  • Validation high and low level design against current implementation;
  • Overview of data flows and data sources;
  • The application itself/configuration;
  • Administration and distribution servers;
  • Discovery and inventory;
  • Agent deployment and configuration;
  • Out-of-the box and custom connectors/scripts;
  • Status out-of-the-box Scheduled Jobs;
  • SaaS integrations.

The technical consultant will examine all relevant documents and check these against best practises and the current environment. Any deviations from best practises, and/or issues and incidents will be documented.

Functional Sanity Check

The functional sanity check evaluates the functional set-up of the tool and the way the license entitlements are configured:

  • Functional design;
  • Current set-up analysis against Softline's and tool-specific best practices;
  • Analyses of pre-specified sample data to look at the registration of licenses and contracts against publisher specific requirements as well as Softline’s tool-specific best practices.


Both checks result in a report that does not only show the findings from the checks, but also provide a detailed explanation of the recommendations and possible improvements and actionable advice how to realise them. Softline can assist with realising the improvements, training the organisation based on the recommendations, and drive and monitor the next steps towards a healthy tool providing you with trustworthy data.

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