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Be prepared for audits and true-ups!

Software audits are inevitable, and every organisation will be confronted with them at some point. However unavoidable, a software audit is something an organisation can be prepared for! Entering a review or audit unprepared not only strain an organisation’s resources, but may also result in unpleasant (financial) surprises. Organisations can prevent such consequences by gaining insight into the software license compliance status for the software publishers that are most important to the organisation. Also, with the right preparation, an organisation can reduce (financial) risks. With a complete insight into IT assets and control over the use of software, an organisation can limit the improper use of software and prevent unwanted surprises.

Audit Runbook

Softline has developed an "Audit Runbook." It helps organisations facing an audit with clear information on how to react, prepare, respond, manage, and close the audit. The checklist that is based on ISO requirements forms a helpful method to handle any external audit request. The Audit Runbook is based on the hands-on as well as the tactical and strategic experience Softline experts have from either side of the audit table.    

More about the Audit Runbook

Baseline Services and True-Up services  

Every organisation has specific software publishers which are most important and impose the largest financial burden. Softline can conduct a Baseline Service for any given software publisher. Baselines can be seen as a pre-audit, and offer organisations insight into their license compliance position as well as advice on license optimisation and mitigation actions to be taken. 

Softline has carried out many baselines, for all kinds of organisations, facing all kinds of challenges. Very short timeframes, very high estimated incompliance, very complicated license structures of software publishers that form challenges for many organisations, no transparency due to mergers and split-offs, but also organisations that "just" would like to have a Microsoft baseline for their yearly true-up. Read more about the Baseline services to find out what fits your organisations’ needs. 

There are two (anonymous) case studies, one on IBM licensing and one on Oracle licensing where you can learn how the Softline experts have really made the difference. Get in contact with the Softline team to get advice on your specific baseline question. 

IBM Deep Dive

Another way of preparing for audits – an IBM audit in particular – is the  IBM Deep Dive. In two days, this deep dive will uncover licensing risks in an organisation. But what makes this more elaborate than an IBM baseline, is that it will also show an organisation their potential savings on licensing costs. Our experience tells us that, on average, the ROI is at least between 50 and 100 times the consultancy costs!

Everything about audits & true-ups

Softline’s alternative for IBM’s IASP audit approach

Early 2019 IBM “announced” a new program to their traditional license compliance verification. This program is called the “IBM Authorized SAM Provider Offering” (IASP) and is on invitation basis only. Softline's alternative for the IBM IASP audit approach enables to save substantially on IT investments. Our IBM expert will gladly help!

Read Softline's alternative IASP audit approach

IBM’s new audit approach IASP, what does it mean?

Early 2019 IBM announced a new, more friendly approach to their traditional license compliance verification. The new program is called IBM Authorized SAM Provider (IASP) Offering. A short explanation of IBM's new audit approach IASP - can it be beneficial for your organisation?

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Audit Rights - Consider the changes Oracle made

In April 2019, Oracle included a revised Audit Clause into their standard OMA (Oracle Master Agreement) and Order Docs. What are the consequences for ITAM in your organisation?

Read more about the Oracle changes

Implement an Audit Defence Policy to stay in control

Organisations are trying to keep up to date with ever-changing licensing rules and stay in control of their license position. At the same time, publishers attempt to (re)capture revenue on existing licenses, using audits as a method. Having an Audit Defence Policy helps you stay in control of your license position and can even realise cost savings.

Read the Audit Defence Policy article

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