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Baselines and true-up services

The implementation of IT Asset Management provides insight into software assets, whereby organisations can take measures to achieve license compliance, avoid unnecessary costs and realise tangible cost savings. When your organisation has not implemented ITAM, but still needs one-time insight into one or more important software publishers, Softline can provide assistance with a Baseline Service.  

Baseline Services: insight into the software license compliance status

An organisation can prevent unpleasant (financial) surprises by gaining insight into their software license compliance status for the software publishers that are most important.  

Softline can conduct Baselines for all vendors, including, but not limited to: 

  • IBM 
  • Microsoft 
  • SAP 
  • Oracle 
  • SalesForce 
  • Adobe 
  • Microfocus  

Insights and advice that you are looking for

All organisations have their own needs and challenges, and are looking for advice and insight that is a perfect fit to their specific situation. Softline has developed different services that each share one common goal, they deliver the right amount of advice and clear mitigating actions to move forward. Where they differ, is in the level in-depth advice they provide you with. These services can be delivered regardless of you have any ITAM tooling in place. 

Option A:

A Risk Analysis of the top 10 software publishers, combining your top 5 publishers at risk based on your own contract- and consumption data with the top 5 publishers at risk based on market information. The outcome of this risk analysis helps you decide whether actions need to be taken to mitigate risks.

Option B:

A Quick Scan of a specific software publisher, where one of our experts analyses the contracts and the usage data that you provide. This results in a clear report on the most important points of attention, the quick wins to optimise and save costs, and how to realise them. 

Option C:

A Baseline service for a specific software publisher. Our experts create a License Position Report based on a thorough analysis of contracts, license entitlements and license metrics against usage data, to come to a detailed conclusion of the current License Position for a Publisher. The report contains clear actionable advice on how to mitigate any risks, how to optimise the use of licenses and ultimately how to manage this the specific publisher. 

Regardless of the level of depth, interesting and important optimisation opportunities will help your organisation moving forward and start achieving compliance, control and cost savings.  

IBM Deep Dive: Unlock your savings potential in only 2 days!

In only two days, the IBM Deep Dive will expose the IBM licensing risks in the organisation, and will offer mitigating actions to minimise those risks. But, more importantly, it will also uncover potential savings on licensing costs that often are left untouched. This might be because there is not enough time and knowledge to see the possibilities, or to define and manage the actions to realise these savings.  

This is where Softline can step in! Two days of deep-dive interviews with main stakeholders (management –  licensing – purchasing – legal – technology), combined with information from PassPort Advantage will result in: 

  • an overview of the cost savings potential on IBM licenses, 
  • a practical action list with what mitigating actions there are to avoid risks, 

The two-day deep-dive not only delivers quick results (really in only two days), but also results into a decrease in settlement amounts. 

To illustrate the possibilities of an IBM Deep Dive, here is a short blog on “Celebrating successes on IBM compliance, control and million Euro cost savings” 

Baseline Service: for insight into 
your license compliance position


Try Softline's Baseline Service to analyse and optimise your software licenses. This gives you a one-time insight and advice regarding license optimisation. 

Get an accurate overview of your software licenses, and become compliant for any given software publisher. 

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