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On-demand Solution Spotlight Session: SaaS Management with ServiceNow

Watch this FREE on-demand session and learn more about SaaS Management with ServiceNow!

“Organisations can save up to 30% in software costs within the first year of implementing a SAM solution”, according to Gartner.

In hard numbers that is: $185B software wasted by end of 2020, of which $152B wasted software and $33B wasted SaaS. Translating those big numbers to companies, gives:

  • Customer revenue: $1B
  • IT Budget: $40M (4%)
  • Software budget: $10M (25%)
  • 1st Year Savings: $1M (10%) on your wasted software & SaaS usage
  • Annual Savings: $ 500K (5%)

With the acquisition of Vendor Hawk and the Orlando release, the Now Platform of ServiceNow enhanced the capabilities around SaaS Management enormously. Viewing SaaS license usage, cost, and compliance information on the SaaS Overview dashboard, enables organisations to reclaim user subscriptions that have limited to no activity. During this Solution Spotlight we will show you how you can make these numbers work for you.

In this session, we illustrate the technology of our partner

For more about ServiceNow and SaaS see our information page!