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Webinar on-demand "How to" start the new Oracle year fresh & inspired

View the on-demand webinar and get your answers to the following questions!

  • Have you determined the actual impact of the Oracle-Java changes on your organisation?
  • Did you already consider the license implications and decide on your upgrade path? Upgrade every six months or buy subscription licenses for an LTS version.
  • Java: Did you consider security risks? If the Java environment is not secure, your security challenges can’t be solved completely.
  • Did you already determine your Oracle strategy? Don't forget to include Partitioning, Virtualisation and Cloud considerations.

In this free on-demand webinar we will share with you: 

  • What's new: Oracle Java – Licensing and Security impact (including tips & tricks)
  • Oracle main licensing Metrics (including tips & tricks)
  • Examples of where our customers needed support
  • From our expertise, advice on how to deal with Oracle Licensing most effectively

Presenter: Alex Brouwer - Oracle Licensing expert & Business Consultant @ Softline Group Northern Europe